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The stinky smell of the cows or goats (I’m not sure what I exactly saw; if they were goats or cows) on our way to Pampanga Agricultural College (PAC) didn’t stop me from
admiring the beautiful view of Mt. Arayat. I don’t usually get that close to Mt. Arayat except when we go to Nueva Ecija.

Aside from the books at PAC are old and dusty, the library also smelled funky.

Their library didn’t have OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) so researching was a pain, slow and not to mention primitive. They also didn’t have airconditioning. I didn’t want to sound maarte (although I was haha) about the whole situation so I tried to stop complaining or at least whine softly so the person in charge of the library (not exactly librarians) who didn’t look so welcoming when we arrived won’t hear us. I think that lady hates us. She turned off the ceiling fan when we started browsing through their thesis.

research team in action (ows?!)

And we didn’t anticipate that they’d get P20 each from us, apparently reasearching on their library which looked like it stopped acquiring new books in the 80’s isn’t free.

we liked their mural though

At first we didn’t know where to look for relevant information for our research because the courses were unfamiliar. They had agriculture management (we found what we were looking for at this section), soil something, poultry, and etc. The thesis section was also interesting, some thesis were grouped according to topic: rose, ampalaya, shrubs, squash.

We didn’t want to touch our faces after we got our hands on the thesis materials, books and journals because we felt our hands got really filthy (arte talaga). The books were so dusty that I wanted to sneeze and now I’m having allergies again. We also felt itchy.

us infront of the prehistoric library, oops! hehe

There weren’t any students maybe because it’s Saturday. Of course, as the ultimate camwhores we wouldn’t miss this oppurtunity to take photos. So we took photos in the middle of the road because there weren’t any people in sight!

I actually wanted to yell: where are the students??

And all along I had to carry a huge pink bag which contained my clothes and toiletries because I was supposed to spend the night (or morning) at Bebang’s house. We had plans to go out and get wasted but it rained! I was already on my way to our meeting place when I decided to cancel. We’ll just go out next Saturday.

So there, although the books there weren’t exactly new, we did find what we were looking for at the undergrad thesis section. Thanks PAC lib. šŸ™‚


Hmm, I’m getting bored with my hair. I told you I wanted to color it but everytime I ask my friends’ and other people’s opinion about this they always say “may kulay na buhok mo ah?” Yeah, but I want a lighter shade. I also want to cut it but I don’t know what kind of cut I’ll have. My friend had this disatrious experience at the salon just recently, they turned her hair into something like that of Jennilyn Mercado’s (showbiz haha) and she couldn’t handle it so she ended up tieing her hair everyday!! SO I’m being paranoid, I’m having second thoughts; to have it cut or not have it cut. To color or not to color.

I’ve never had anything done to my hair thus the dillemma. I’ve got virgin hair; never been colored, never been permed, never been rebonded, never been cellophaned, never been hot oiled, nothing more than a regular hair cut.

I love my hair, who doesn’t? It already gained a lot of compliments from it. Before they thought I had it rebonded, I thought that was flattering. When my sister chopped almost 3 inches off my hair last year I cried! I was lazy to go to the salon to have my hair trimmed and I did the stupidest thing ever; to trust my hair in the hands of my sister. I learned my lesson the hard way although the cut wasn’t really bad.

So, I’m scared to do something with. I’m so fickle.

side note: Our oral defense has been moved on the 23rd! So this means we will first defend our thesis before we go to Euro Star, that is if none of my friends’ brain will go nuts and suddenly back out.

Picture this: we are in front of a bakery, looking at their egg pie while the tindera curiously looks at us then I suddenly blurt out “dun na lang tayo sa kabila mas masarap dun” and then points at the other bakery. I suddenly realized I shouldn’t have said that! But the tinderas didn’t get mad, in fact, they laughed at me! Then we immediately rushed to Donnie’s house to do our thesis amidst the annoying rain. That was last Wednesday, we actually planned of going to Manila to research but we did a last thorough evaluation of the books available in our library before doing so because travelling with rain like last Wednesday’s is a pain. Good thing that we found what we were looking for, kinda. So Wednesday was really tiring, I was already at school at 8 in the morning!

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the library due to our thesis. When we’d get burned out and bored from all the researching that we’re doing, we’ll take photos of ourselves. Dang camwhores! A couple of weeks ago I’ve been eyeing this book; Hello Kitty : The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon, I tried to borrow it but I forgot I was in the graduate school section, for faculty and masteral students’ only. Then I was back at the library yesterday and I saw this really nice photoshop book, glossy colored pages and all and I badly wanted to borrow it but since I can’t actually tinker with photoshop these days, I just stared at it and flipped through the pages and marveled at the wonderful things you could do with photoshop. Another book that caught my eye is this photography book. My friend and I use to talk about on how we want ot take photography lessons in the future while or after taking masteral courses. Sheesh we’ve got so much plans. So there, aside from taking photos of myself I also want to take amazing and artistic photos of other people, places, things, etc. Then I saw this pop culture book which was really nice since I’m so into pop culture hehe. I was so drawn to the books that I plan to borrow in the future that I unconsciously compiled them and placed them in one corner so that I’ll easily find them. Then Donnie mad me realize that the books are rearranged by the working students every Friday so keeping a bunch of books so that nobody’d borrow them would be useless. Why didn’t I think of that? I looked at my left side and saw the huge aircon. Can I hide it under that instead?

Oh, the Euro Star thing is still hanging. We’re thinking of going there when Shiela’s boyfriend arrives from Australia, that’s right before our OD.


And because I wanted to wallow in grief and sometimes cheer myslef up, I downloaded a variety of songs this week and my playlist now includes several songs from stonefree and the speaks. Also, I’ve been missing Jewel’s spirit album so I downloaded several songs from the album since I can’t find the complete compilation of tracks (for free). I also downloaded several Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan songs, ultraelectromagneticjam, and a whole lot of r&b slash kinda mushy songs.


Right before my second subject last night I found out that we have an assignment for our last subject. I don’t like doing silly assignments such as a topic outline so I didn’t bother to do it. My friend, who has a vacant time, offered to do mine but she realized she won’t be able to finish both chapter outlines on time. Then somebody actually found out that I didn’t have an assignment yet, he was about to do it for me but for certain reason he wasn’t abe to so. What he did was look for and beg someone to do my assignment. Nobody was willing to do it since everybody was busy so he offered to pay or to treat anybody who’d do it. So there, I had an assignment to pass! haha! The perks of being a girl.

After we ate at McDonald’s, on my way home, I received my late christmas gift from a friend. I had no idea what it was when he gave it, turns out it’s a cd. There were several songs and then he made this uber nice letter in flash. It was sooo sooo nice, geez. Haha I actually found myself touched, and it takes a lot for me to get touched so it was really something! Thanks so much!! Love love love it!!


Here are late pics from last last Wednesday at Jean’s sister’s house.

while doing our thesis; it took a lot of effort before we perfected this shot. We tried not to laugh, this was the best that we got and yet you cant still feel in the pic that we were kinda smiling.
Making a fool out of ourselves while Using leaves and flowers as props.

After doing the thesis we went to sxhool for the University Days’ Opening and after that we left the gym starving so we went to KFC.

Left: this is what my friends look like when they are starving. Right: Shiela’s plate. I couldn’t resist to take a photo, I mean, whoah?! hehe

We watched Spengecola and Cueshe last Saturday; Cueshe bored me to death while Spongecola made my sadness vanish for a couple of hours. They were really good!! I wanted to drown my sorrows away in the octopus and mad mouse but the university is KJ hehe rides were only until 11pm so I went home and stayed retarded for the rest of the evening.

So in the course of making myself happy and stop being retarded I thought of ways on how to temporarily forget everything. We’d go out this Saturday night then I’m itching to go to Euro Star Carnival but I found out its only until March. Everybody’s sched is tight since they are graduating (supposed to be ako din haha) so I wish we can go!!! Anybody who knows how to go to The Fort from Angeles (commute and through car)? Oh and I’ve been wanting to color my hair! Do you think it’s a good idea?? I want!!! Any suggestions what color?? Show me! haha..

Another person that made me happy is the one and only PACMAN!!!! aylabyu pacquiao!!! Idoooolll!!!! My dad called me up sooo early in the morning (around 8), he was asking me to look for a certain combination of numbers under our cable box. Good thing I was “awake enough” to give him the right numbers because apparently he bought a pay per view card for us to watch the match live and he needed those numbers to get the thing activated!! Everybody clapped when Morales was KO’ed!!! Then I was laughing my ass off when he was interviewed! I have a nu tiknik!! tink u sa its-b-o, i-bi-is-si-bi-in, at sular ispurts! Man!! Pure comedy but I looove him!! Geez!! Then I watched the match at ch2 which was like 2 hours delayed! They bombarded the match with commercials!!! Haha I remember the last game Pacman lost, I also lost on a bet so I went out on a date! haha that was so high schoolish but I swear I was so sure that Pacman would win but then he lost!!! hehe..

Another get happy tactic, I’m downloading eraser head’s ultraelectromagneticjam! Love love eraserheads! My gegegegegeneration!! haha! Then I’m returning the book I borrowed from the library, Who Stole My Cheese; it’s a parody to Who move my cheese.. Of course I’m going to replace the book with a new one, I’m like a kid in Disneyland whenever I go to the library!! Geek! Then on my way home I’ll take out a Mc Donalds cheeseburger, large fries, and large rootbeer!! I also plan to skip first class..

Go out + carnival + hair color + pacquiao + nice songs + books + junk food + skip class = temporarily happy sheanne

I need some diversion.

Everytime my grandparents are here I always switch the tv to local channels or cable channels that show local movies like PBO and Cinema One because they like watching tagalog movies especially the comedies. Most of the time I don’t have anything to watch and I don’t want to watch tv alone in the room so I watch a movie with them. Yesterday it was Tanging Yaman that we saw. Darn I didn’t know that movie was a tearjerker. I had a hard time holding back my tears!! Then I saw my lola wiping her eyes, so it wasn’t just me haha. My sister and my mom cried too, and I think my lolo also cried. What a bunch of cry babies! The other night I also cried while watching the notebook.

I’m so abnormaly abnormal today!! What’s hapening to me!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!
(just had to let that out of my chest hehe)

I’ve been waking up really early this week. Yesterday I woke at around 6:30 and now I again woke up early so I could do a part of Diane’s feasibility study. Note: I’m not going to be paid for this. haha.

We decided we wanted a change of scenery, especially I who haven’t been going out of the house everytime we do our thesis because we’ve practically been doing our thesis at my place. So we did it at Jean’s sister’s house because nobody lives there! Of course, with a place to hang out in (with no parents), a computer, a videoke dvd with matching song book you don’t expect us to finish a thing with our thesis, do you?

To sum things up we did not finish what we were supposed to do. hehe.

Meeting time was 8am but 8am was a big lie. We spent almost an hour roaming around to find Jean’s sister’s house. I wonder what it would be like if we had to do that walking or with a pedicab! As we reached jean’s house we spent the first hour lying on the bed and setting up the computer. Another hour was spent on bumming around while the others went to buy food. I was craving for rootbeer so we went to the tindahan to look for what else – SARSI! We saw a three wheeler bike parked near jean’s house so we used it for our quest to find sarsi. The bike had a big umbrella so it basically looked like the “wheels” of a tindera ng meryenda. Yes I was the three-wheeler-with-a-big-umbrella driver and I was on heels. haha. Because I felt the spirit of being a tindera ng meryenda, I could not resist the urge to shout MERYENDA, so i did. And each time we’d pass a humps, I’ll sing my humps, what was that! hehe!

Before having lunch we did a little part of the thesis and then ate and then lyied on the bed. We played loads of hangman. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to sing videoke bwahaha!

So yeah, our thesis was second priority and having fun was the main one.

After that we went to school for our university days’ opening. We screamed our lungs out to support the CBA group and laugh at some horrible horrible dancers and singers. I couldn’t imagine myself doing what the participants were doing! Singing and dancing infront of the university?! So high schoolish!!! I used to enjoy joining those things back in elementay and high school, but now?!! I’ll be doomed!!

And I was itching to ride the octopus but my friends didn’t want to!! I haven’t been on an octopus yet!! And we also wanted to go go karting but it’ll be so embarassing!! And I know we’ll have loads of fun laughing at the monsters inside the horror train and taking our photos with. Because this will be our last year to attend the University Days as students so we got to try on a university carnival ride!! Maybe on Saturday! ahaha!!

(We have tons of pictures but my dad brought the digicam this morning and I haven’t transferred them yet! I’ll post them maybe tommorow.)