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I was busy surfing the net this afternoon until I heard heavy banging on our door! I immediately knew that it’s the postman because I was expecting a package today. I’ts no secret that love receiving packages and snail mails šŸ™‚

My kindle cover has finally arrived!! Yay!

I had a hard time looking for kindle covers locally since the kindle is not sold locally (except for a few online stores that ships kindle here) but good thing my googling skills are far from mediocre so I was able to find a local online seller that sells affordable (about $12) kindle cover! I wanted the red color but they didn’t have stock so I had to wait for a couple of days before it was sent to me. I considered getting the pink cover since they had it on hand but decided baby pink is really not my style! I’m more of a hot pink kind of girl, really!!

I love my kindle as well as my new cover! I can now bring my kindle to work! I also figured out how to be able to download kindle books from outside the US. I’m now subscribed to Amazon Prime 1 month trial so I was able to borrow books for free. Yay!

I kinda miss the smell and feel of real books but what the heck – this is a cheaper (and greener!) alternative to reading books. Now I just need a night light! šŸ™‚


To say everyone was super excited is an understatement! This was the first out of the country experience for our family and everyone was ecstatic! It was also the first time for my three younger siblings to ride a plane and we were a group of nine leaving the country for Singapore for the first time so I expected it would be a little chaotic going thru the check-in counters, travel tax payment and immigration. My dad even went on an unnecessary semi panic mode so we asked him to breathe in and breathe out and from there I took charge. I was their semi know it all tour guide LOL!

My family will only stay in Singapore for three days and three nights so we had to strategically plan their itinerary. We arrived at around four in the afternoon so after a few hours of rest, off we went to see the must visit for first time Singapore visitors – The merlion and Esplanade. Seafood dinner at Makansutra is also a must!

Just seeing this photo makes me really hungry.

hello merlion!

thank you trustry tripod!

The following day is my mother’s 50th birthday and we all decided to celebrate it at Universal Studios! This was the highlight of the trip! šŸ™‚

Ā  Ā  Ā 

Mami’s birthday dinner was at Marche. We knew we would go way beyond our budget (and would end up with a lot of food wastage) if we would let everyone choose their own food and swipe their own cards so we gathered everyone’s card and ordered for everyone instead.

happy 50th mother!!! more to come šŸ™‚

I had to work the following day and I wasn’t able to join them at Jurong Bird Park, so no photos šŸ™‚ Their flight on their last day is at 8pm so they had plenty of time to buy pasalubong at Mstafa, Bugis and China Town. I was able to join them for lunch (thanks to my boss for allowing me to take the half day off) and take them to the airport!

We are now planning (or dreaming) of our next out of the country family trip! But I don’t think it will be too soon since we have a lot of stuff to prioritize and pay (wedding, moving house, etc)!