Make me happy

We watched Spengecola and Cueshe last Saturday; Cueshe bored me to death while Spongecola made my sadness vanish for a couple of hours. They were really good!! I wanted to drown my sorrows away in the octopus and mad mouse but the university is KJ hehe rides were only until 11pm so I went home and stayed retarded for the rest of the evening.

So in the course of making myself happy and stop being retarded I thought of ways on how to temporarily forget everything. We’d go out this Saturday night then I’m itching to go to Euro Star Carnival but I found out its only until March. Everybody’s sched is tight since they are graduating (supposed to be ako din haha) so I wish we can go!!! Anybody who knows how to go to The Fort from Angeles (commute and through car)? Oh and I’ve been wanting to color my hair! Do you think it’s a good idea?? I want!!! Any suggestions what color?? Show me! haha..

Another person that made me happy is the one and only PACMAN!!!! aylabyu pacquiao!!! Idoooolll!!!! My dad called me up sooo early in the morning (around 8), he was asking me to look for a certain combination of numbers under our cable box. Good thing I was “awake enough” to give him the right numbers because apparently he bought a pay per view card for us to watch the match live and he needed those numbers to get the thing activated!! Everybody clapped when Morales was KO’ed!!! Then I was laughing my ass off when he was interviewed! I have a nu tiknik!! tink u sa its-b-o, i-bi-is-si-bi-in, at sular ispurts! Man!! Pure comedy but I looove him!! Geez!! Then I watched the match at ch2 which was like 2 hours delayed! They bombarded the match with commercials!!! Haha I remember the last game Pacman lost, I also lost on a bet so I went out on a date! haha that was so high schoolish but I swear I was so sure that Pacman would win but then he lost!!! hehe..

Another get happy tactic, I’m downloading eraser head’s ultraelectromagneticjam! Love love eraserheads! My gegegegegeneration!! haha! Then I’m returning the book I borrowed from the library, Who Stole My Cheese; it’s a parody to Who move my cheese.. Of course I’m going to replace the book with a new one, I’m like a kid in Disneyland whenever I go to the library!! Geek! Then on my way home I’ll take out a Mc Donalds cheeseburger, large fries, and large rootbeer!! I also plan to skip first class..

Go out + carnival + hair color + pacquiao + nice songs + books + junk food + skip class = temporarily happy sheanne

I need some diversion.

  1. >ey, do tell if the Euro Carnival thing is good šŸ™‚ we’re planning a trip there too.also, you’re so welcome to do the tag of suffering!!! tag kita!

  2. she said:

    >were not yet sure if we could go but i hope we can because i really really want to!ack! the tag of suffering!! ok i’ll do it haha!!

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