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For lack of better things to post, I am doing a what’s in your bag entry since I cleaned my closet this weekend and tried to free my bag from unnecessary clutter.

what's in there??

But first a little story about the bag. This is the bag that I use for work every day. I change bags on weekends when I go out but this is the bag that I use for work. I found this bag one fine day inside my closet. My husband bought it for me and he surprises me on regular days just like that. 🙂 I forgot the brand though! Let’s take a peek into the mess inside shall we?

pardon the bad photo!!

1. MAC NC40 face powder – my daily essential! I only use it in the morning though before I leave the house. Once I’m in the office, I can’t be bothered to touch up my make-up because a) I don’t really get that oily and b) it’s a waste of make-up to pretify for the office (at least in our office hehe)

2. Ever bilena lip tint – cheap and it works! I don’t want to use lipstick on a daily basis so I wear lip tint. My mom actually sent me four bottles of these and when my colleague saw me use this, she asked where I bought it. The following day I gave her one bottle so now I’m left with three more. I think one bottle will be good for a year’s use so yeah I hope the expiry is until 2014!!

3. Daiso blush-on – yet another cheapo make-up for my everyday use! I got this for $2 from Daiso and it’s pigmented and doesn’t break me out!

4. Revlon concealer – I don’t really use this as often, just when I have pimple marks. I’ve had this for quite some time now and I’m actually on the look out for a good replacement.

5. House keys & office tap key – I like my kenneth cole key chain which I got for free when I signed up for my credit card couple of years ago.

6. Credit card safety device – I just have to keep this in my bag or else I will lose it! My first one just stopped functioning one day and if I remember correctly, I had to pay Php500 for a replacement!!

7. Cotton-on umbrella – my cheapo umbrella! I recently lost my ever reliable umbrella that I bought from SM last year so I had to use this one. I seriously need to buy a  new one! I’ve been eyeing those umbrellas from Esprit.

8. M1 hand phone bill – I have to keep this in my bag until payday or else I will forget to pay my bill despite the SMS reminder haha!

9. Coin purse – My colleage gave this to me after she came back from Thailand. I use it whenever I go out for lunch at the kopitiam so I don’t need to bring my bulky wallet with me.

10. Victoria’s secret cologne – ha! I thought of just using this to spray on our bedroom pillows but I thought my husband wouldn’t like it. This was stored in my closet for the longest time until one day I ran out of perfume and was lazy to buy a new so I had to resort to using this. I decided I’ll finish the bottle since I only use it for the office anyway!

11. Passport – I bought the passport holder in one of those novelty stores in Tampines Mall and the design encourages me to travel more! I actually wanted a more chic passport holder but it was darn expensive so for the meantime, this will do! I need to get more chops!!

12. Roxy eyeglass – My eyeglass is Roxy but the case is crocs! Yes the retro feel kikay case is from crocs and used to belong to our guy friend slash housemate. He recently bought a new pair of Crocs specs and when it was time to pick-up his new specs, the sales lady handed him this case. He sure didn’t know if he’s wanted to laugh or cry haha! My case was a plain white dull looking case which I thought he would prefer so I offered to do a swap.

13. Wallet – Yet another gift from my husband. There were actually two wallets, one is still sitting in my closet unused and it’s been almost a year.

14. Vaseline – This is an essential for my chapped lips hehe. I have yet to find a lip balm that I like and works but not until I finish this bottle.

15. Keychain – One of my bosses gave this to me after their trip to Penang, Malaysia. I haven’t had the chance to remove it from my bag eversince!

16. Tissue – My cheap tissue from Fair Price. One of my essentials!

17. Card holder – I got this from Daiso! I used to dislike red but now I’m starting to really like it! Even my Iphone case is red! This is where I keep my EZ Link card, membership cards (cinema, ktv, etc) and sometimes my credit card and ATM.

18. Comb – I only use this in the morning before I leave for work. Just like touching up, I can’t be bothered to comb my hair once I’m in the office. Even on weekends, I only use it once a day. I sometimes use my fingers to com my hair in the day hehe.

My Iphone was not in this photo because it wasn’t in my bag but it’s usually there.


None other than Daiso! I get ecstatic when I step into Daiso stores. It’s full of useful and useless cute stuff that at $2 you just can’t resist!

We went to process our papers for something-i-cannot-disclose-here a few weeks ago and we were a tad too early. Our appointment is scheduled at 8:30am and we were there before the scheduled time and since almost everything here is efficient, the processing only took about less than half an hour. My husband took the half day off so we had extra time in our hands before lunch and before he goes off for work so I suggested we check out Daiso and Spotlight. We didn’t find anything at spotlight since the craft materials there are so expensive so off we went to Daiso. My senses just explode whenever I go to Daiso. We strategize our shopping experience by browsing thru all the stuff aisle by aisle. Daiso is one of those stores wherein you don’t really plan on buying anything but ends up buying something anyway. And that’s exactly what happened to us.

So here are our Daiso finds. Please ignore our pink polka dot bed sheet in the background.

his and hers vinyl slippers

When we saw these, we knew it’s time for our chinese new year bedroom slippers we bought at Ikea last year to retire. They aesthetically don’t look good but they’re perfect for the bedroom. I was dead set on having navy blue for my slipper and my husband will take the black one but good thing I noticed the cream colored slippers, it’s more feminine isn’t it?

tiny pan 🙂

Ok this frying pan is one of those things that you actually don’t need but buys it anyway because it’s cute! It’s almost the size of a saucer plate and I thought it’d be nice to fry eggs in it haha! Turns out not. It ain’t non-stick at all. $2 wasted!!

something for the leg :p

My husband constantly has muscle pains, leg pains, all sorts of body pains sans I have now mastered the art of massage. I don’t know what’s this for but he says it works, so be it.

for my chubby cheeks!

One day, one of my colleagues asked what food do I eat? I was like, “what food do I eat?”. Apparently, she meant what food do I eat to make my cheeks pinkish? And that made me laugh like a mad person. She thought I eat lots of super healthy (tomatoes perhaps?) food that make my cheeks flush! I actually ran out of blush-on so I was excited and a little bit hesitant when I saw these. I couldn’t exactly read the label but what the heck? If  develop pimples then I’ll stop using it but thank heavens I didn’t have any so I am continuing to use these as my cheap daily blush.

yay for my hammer eyelet set!

This has got to be my favorite find for the day!! I was actually looking for eyelet puncher to use for our wedding invites but we chanced upon this hammer eyelet set and thought why not give it a try! We tried it at home and it works! Yay!!