I don’t understand why some people are not fond of surfing the internet. I just don’t get it. I mean, what is there not to like? If I don’t get to go online in a day I think I might get sick. That’s how bad my internet addiction is.

I first discovered the joy of surfing the internet way back in high school when having a computer and internet connection at home is considered a luxury. If you have internet at home, you’d automatically be included in the cool students list! As for us mere normal students, we had to get our internet fix at internet cafes. Yes they used to exist and at a costly price. I usually had to sacrifice a few pesos just to satisfy my internet craving. Aside from researching homeworks and projects, I also used to surf about are things I wouldn’t be proud of now (researching on Nick Carter’s life story and other what nots) and would love to leave in the past. It became a weekly luxury for us, usually spending an hour or two (or three! if we have a few pesos to spare) in internet heaven.

When I entered college, it was inevitable, we just had to have internet connection. Just thinking about how things work back then makes me laugh today. You can’t use the “land line” phone and surf the internet simultaneously. You just have to pick one. I’d usually surf in the wee hours of the evening and will last until early morning. Surfing online forums, blogging, discovering new sites, tinkering with photoshop, learning html/css and just discovering a whole new world the internet has to offer. It was so addicting. It blew my mind. It’s a whole new world! The amount of new information to acquire and things to explore was overwhelming thus my mom would usually wake up at 5 in the morning to still see me in front of the PC.

Reading all the forums/sites takes time and this means more prepaid internet card to burn, so one trick that I used to do to save on prepaid internet card was to click on ALL the web pages and then turn off the internet connection. After that, I’ll turn on my little nifty friend called “offline web surfing”, oooh yeah, quite smart isn’t it?

I’ve really come to the realization that I have become an internet addict when I became GOOGLE’s no.1 fan and started using it as a verb.  When someone asks me something that I have no knowledge off, it’s inevitable, I’d blurt out “GOOGLE IT”. It’s like I’m a fanatic or something. Or better yet, I’d immediately “google” it myself on my iphone and give them the answer. Oh, google I’m so in love with you. Whenever I hear a particular song that I  fancy, I’d listen to the lyrics and google a few words and tadah, I’d be able to track down the song title, just like that. I get frustrated when people are frustrated when people are figuring out of ways on how to get the answer, how to get directions, how to do this and that. Google is the answer my friend. Google it, for heavens sake!

When blogging was just starting out, I too had to join the bandwagon. Xanga, LJ, diaryland, iconrate, blogger, etc, name it- I might have joined it. But now I’m finally (I think) settling in wordpress.

I should actually be sleeping now. I’m quite sleepy. And surprise, surprise! I unconsciously asked H, “can I surf the net while sleeping?”. I hope this ain’t contagious.


As I browsed through The Straits Times today, I saw this section wherein Singaporeans get to voice out their opinions on current events and what nots. I can’t help but think that they are like whiney babies ranting on shallow stuff. One lady was complaining that her child came home one day from school exhausted and all (something to that extent) because her child did not know how to type, and then retorts to saying what does SG’s government (Ministry of Education) doing about their education system?! Well let me tell her about a shitty education system that is of the Philippines wherein 60 students or more are cramped in one small room with no proper ventilation with 3 (or more!) students sharing on one dilapidated book which is so outdated it was probably published in the 80’s. An education system wherein teachers are forced to FORCE their students to buy their snacks for “recess” from them just to compensate for the low salaries given by the government, no wonder the College of Education in most universities is the least populated, nobody wants to be a teacher anymore. When the time comes that Singapore faces that kind of education system, then by all means she has the right to whine.

Another one complained that admission tickets for popular tourist destinations in the country are being offered on sale to locals just because the number of foreign tourists dropped. He even added that in other countries, admission tickets are sold on a lower price to locals as compared to foreigners. Yes I get the point, it would be nicer for the government to give priority to locals for the admission tickets to popular tourists destinations, museums, etc. to raise nationalism. But to blurt this all out in The Straits Times? I mean, the most popular newspaper in Singapore gives you a chance to voice out your opinion on ANYTHING that concerns you the most and you complain on not being given a discount in entering sentosa or jurong bird park? Not the most wisest thing to complain.

What more will these people think if they are to live in the Philippines? I think they won’t be able to function well and just complain on just about ANYTHING that seems minor (and normal) issues to us. They are so used to everything to be almost perfect that they fret at simple shortcomings of their government. Being a little bit appreciative won’t hurt.

when you’re in the middle of rushing nightly reports so you would be able to go home at exactly 10PM and when you’re just about to staple your paper works, you suddenly ran out of staple wires! Or when you’re in the middle of printing night reports and you ran out of POS rolls! FYI, pos rolls are the paper you put in POS terminal (Point Of Sale or in layman’s term the cash register) which prints out your receipts when you buy in shops or fast foods, which in my case, I use to print my nightly reports.

One of the bad things that is happening to me lately is that I do not get to watch TV anymore. Yup, notice the word – BAD. Not that I got sick of all the shows on TV – cable or no cable I’d still watch. It’s because a few months back the TV in our living room got busted so eventually people who often watch inthe living room – namely my lola and my siblings – would have to resort to watching TV in our room. That meant no more TV for me because I can’t stand the shows that they’re watching. I’d rather surf the net or hang out in the living room all by myself than watch those shows. So, I’m currently semi-unattached to pop culture. I’m not that familiar with all the stuff happening around, unlike before. I still get to surf the net though and update myself once in a while but watching it on TV is different. I’m missing Oprah, the desperate housewives, The OC, the latest music videos, the juiciest holywood gossip and more.

Another thing that is preventing me from watching TV is my crappy phone. Remembering all the schedule of movies and shows that I have to watch is rocket science for me since my memory can be non existent most of the time, so I have to have an organizer for my TV schedule. Since my current phone lacks such feature, unlike before, I don’t get to organize the TV shows and movies that I have to watch which sucks big time. So damnit I need a new phone.

I still have like four books that I haven’t read and I specially bought those because I anticipated I’d be spending more time at home after I graduate which means mental torture from boredom. So far, I haven’t read a single book yet since I still have a so called social life wherein I get to go out of the house. But once I ran out of cash and I’ve got nowhere to go, these books will come in handy. I’m actually on the verge of getting really broke already because graduation means saying goodbye to the word allowance. I bid the word allowance goodbye, soon I’d like to meet the words salary and commission.

Yesterday I was bored to death so you can just imagine how I managed to put up with playing deal or no deal online. It was just yesterday when I finally understood how to play it.

Don’t you just find it embarassing when parents and grandparents brag about you? Sheesh. I want the earth to suck the entire life out of me whenever my parents do that.

Bianca Gonzales is inside Big brother’s house and somebody has to take her place as host of y speak. Ryan Agoncillo is also a host of y speak but never did it crossed my mind that JUDAY (yes the siopao juday) will be the one taking over Bianca’s hosting job! ACK!!! Unlike Ryan, she didn’t ask intelligent questions and give insightful comments. All she did was make pa-cute and hold her boyfriend’s hand and flirt. Jusko ha.

There was even a time that her hands were so near his crotch. Eeew. Whatever happened to Ryan Agoncillo is still a mystery.

Cherry did you see the pics? grabe haha

I think you are all familiar with Pinoy Big Brother and each of you have your own opinions about the show. The “Big Night” was held last night here in Angeles at Clark Expo. My friends were bugging me to go with them but aside from laziness, I didn’t go with them because I really didn’t like watching those kind of live shows packed with a lot of people. And besides what will I do there? Watch Sarah Geronimo sing? See toni? Or Willie? The “housemates”? I have far more better things to do than waste my precious time watching those people. I admit though that I switched the channel from time to time to channel 2 just to see what the commotion is all about. I also admit that I do watch PBB occassionaly out of curiosity.

I didn’t have a bet for last night because honestly, I didn’t like anyone at all. I think the show is so cheesy I sometimes can’t stand watching it especialy when some of them cries or try to save each other’s ass. They could try to act better to move me.

In the end Nene won. So what? haha.

And apparently the Pinoy Ako theme song for the show sang by orange and lemons is not so unique after all. I’ve found a link (I’m sorry I forgot the site where I got the link) to a song which orange and lemons RIPPED to the now popular Pinoy Ako song. The original song is The Care Chandeliers and it sounds almost exactly the same as the orange and lemons song. It is so ironic because the song talks about being a proud Filipino with inidividuality and unique talents. So disappointing.

You can check out the original song here. I swear it sounds really really like Pinoy Ako.

So I’ve been watching a lot of Sea Games this past few days specifically the diving, taekwondo, and wushu events. I haven’t personally watched the events being held here in Angeles though namely lawn ball and petanque (I have no idea what petanque is) because I think it’ll be boring. Anyway, as I watched the diving event for men, I happen to have a liking on Thailand’s Suchart Pchi not just because he was really good but because I like saying his name over and over again. Just like saying fucktard. Oops.
Another event I love love love watching is wushu. I hate watching kung fu movies but I love watching wushu competitions. It’s so rad I want to learn how to do those moves haha. And of course I wouldn’t miss some taekwondo action because fyi, I am, ehem, a teaekwondo yellow belter! Beat that! Ok, being a yellow belter is not something I could really brag about, I know. If only I didn’t get lazy attending trainings I could be a brown or even a black belter now.

And Thailand protesting on being cheated has no basis at all. Shame on them.