Finally, the turmoils of working overseas started hitting me. Today is officially our 4th month here and we can’t help but realize how fast things went. A few months back I was just happily doing my routine paper work, bullying all the staff and eating my mama’s home cooked meal. And now we’re here, out of our comfort zones and struggling to adapt. Doing your own laundry and cooking your own meal is not fun at all especially when one has to deal with all the stress from work and not to mention from colleagues. I now have a new job. It’s not something that I like, but it’s something I can live with for the moment. I repeat, for the moment. As if I have a choice. It’s a far cry from my previous job which almost prevented me and H from seeing each other due to the conflicting schedules. Now is so much better with the regular office hours that I so longed for! Next year I want a 5 day work week job that would not make me feel like dragging myself to the office everyday. I now proclaim the previous statement as my official birthday and Christmas (and whatever occasion that would require a wish) wish rolled into one. Blessed are those who get to enjoy what they are doing, and yeah, get paid for it.

Anyway, some realizations; first off, racial discrimination is still lurking around the corner. There are still those who thinks their race is superior to others when in fact it is not. Totally not. Enough said. Second, I would never want to work for the service industry ever again. Just this afternoon I had a chat with a former FA and she told me how the service industry just drains out all your energy especially when you have to bear whiney passengers, and in my case customers. We shared the same sentiments, plus the fact that you always have to work on public holidays when everyone else is relaxing. Third, I thought I would never experience home sickness but I was wrong. Up to now I still miss all the stuff I had back home, especially the people around me. I am now wondering on when I will get over this phase. I hope very soon because melancholy sucks. Fourth, my H is very husband material and I am so pleased. I already knew this right from the start but living with him makes me appreciate him more.

Looking forward to bestest days. šŸ™‚


and speaking of coffee… I feel so blessed.. Thank you God..

So I’ve finally (almost) reached the end of my career with my current company. I only have until next Sunday and I can’t wait to move on to another chapter in my life. It’s time for a new environment, new people and new challenges. I think I may have taken it a bit too far when I thought I needed a new environment because H and I gathered all the guts that we could and finally came to the decision of moving to another country. I just hope we’ll be able to pull it off. I don’t want us to go back in the PI after a month, empty handed, jobless and without a single centavo left in our pockets. That scenario is just horrendous, I can’t stand the thought of it.

I think moving out of our comfort zones will make us more mature. This is just what we need at the moment. Quiting our jobs despite several people being axed from their jobs due to the recession may not be the most sensible decision,but we just can’t stand our current jobs anymore. It really is time to move on. We’re not moving forward, we’re not learning anything, everything is just stagnant.

We’re going to need a lot of luck on this one..

I had to get a new mall I.D. two weeks ago because my current I.D. is going to expire at the end of this month. I got my new I.D. this week and guess what date was the expiry? FEBRUARY 15, 2009!! The exact date I am going to turn TWO years working for my present company. And I have no plans of getting a new I.D. after this one expires. Can’t wait for my I.D. to expire.

when you’re in the middle of rushing nightly reports so you would be able to go home at exactly 10PM and when you’re just about to staple your paper works, you suddenly ran out of staple wires! Or when you’re in the middle of printing night reports and you ran out of POS rolls! FYI, pos rolls are the paper you put in POS terminal (Point Of Sale or in layman’s term the cash register) which prints out your receipts when you buy in shops or fast foods, which in my case, I use to print my nightly reports.

One of our cashiers calls me in the middle of one of her transactions;

cashier: mam, anong flavor ng pizza natin?

me: supreme

cashier to customer: mam, supreme po yun pizza namen.

customer: anong pizza?

cashier: looks at me in confusion

me to customer: mam supreme po yun flavor ng pizza

customer: hindi, tinatanong ko anong picha ngayun

cashier: supreme nga po

customer: anong picha? anong date?

me: aug 11!

After the transaction, the cashier bursts out in laughter.

The next day a customer hands me a piece of paper, written on that piece of paper is what their boss instructed them to buy. Usually, when bosses would ask their assistants/maids/drivers/slave to buy something from us, they would write it on a piece of paper to avoid confusion since some of our breads are difficult to pronounce for those who are not familiar with italian/french breads. As soon as I reached for the paper, I turned to read what is written and it said “1 scissor salad”. Wow, what a boss. She/He wants scissor salad. Haha.

Yesterday, I overheard one of our customers talking or should I say, complaining to my trainee manager. I didn’t want to step up and be the one to talk to her because I didn’t want to join in all that fuss and hullabaloo. Believe me, I’ve talked to way too much customers of that kind and I don’t want them to ruin my almost perfect day. “That kind” meaning; arrogant, poor turned rich, social climbing bitches who think their stomach is made from royal linings that they would instantly catch a disease once a mediocre-not-royalty-worthy-prepared-food enters their equally royal stomach. These type of customers are divided into two classifications. The first classification are those hard core rich customers that despite the very steep price of our food, still manages to eat here once in a while or can even afford to eat their entire breakfast, lunch, dinner, and merienda here if they want to, without making a single dent in their wallet. Thus, because they’re so rich, they expect everyone and everything around them to be perfect and one single mistake and disliking to their taste will make you go to shame hell. They will make you feel that every single cell and nerve in your body is inferior as compared to theirs. The second classification is much worse. These customers are not born rich but made their way to richdom either thru blood, sweat and tears or thru fucking a rich foreigner. Since they are now richer, they want to establish their status in the society by shaming those who aren’t up to their level. Once they’ve shamed somebody who is not as rich as you, they instantly think that they belong to the elites just like the ones you see in the telenovelas who make fun of the poor. These customers are much worse because before, they were just like everyone else, some even came from the slums and now they’re acting up and it’s so so annoying and frustrating to see them when they act up like dissatisfied customers because they’re so trying hard it makes me laugh like a mad woman and shake my head a thousand times in disbelief seeing them like that.

So going back to that customer, all I heard was that she said she’s very particular with what she eats and she cannot eat something like that because her stomach might be upset. Upset stomach your face. You don’t even look like someone who could afford our food. Anyway, the moment she left, I asked the management trainee what the hell is her problem. Apparently, she was served a spaghetti and she was complaining because all throughout she thought she was going to be served a spaghetti with freshly boiled pasta. Imagine that. She wanted the pasta noodles, the raw, stick like noodles to be put into the boiling water right after she ordered the food. Does she even know how long it will take for that pasta to be cooked before she would be able to eat her spaghetti? And where in the world do restaurants do that? She even said, we should’ve told her earlier. Duh? Are we supposed to tell every single friggin’ customer that our spaghetti noodles are already pre-cooked and portioned and would they still want to continue with the order? She’s the only one who complained about something like that and it’s so stupid. There, she already crossed one one of the things she should do to validate her status in her new rich social circle; complain to an expensive restaurant. maybe next on her list would be to own an authentic Lous Vuitton.