Slumdog Millionaire 8/10
I’ve read so many reviews of this film online and on print. The movie depicts the poverty in India which caused so much hype and criticism but still this movie showed the harsh reality poor countries face which most probably the rich aren’t even aware of. I wonder if this movie would have the same effect, popularity wise and all, if it were shot in the slums of Manila.

Gran Torino 9/10
This is a beautifully done film which made me ponder on it before I finally shut my eyes and went to sleep. It’s a great mixture of culture, racism, violence, life and death rolled into one. Definitely became one of my favorites of all time.

Malena 8/10
This film was released in 2000, I’ve known it since and watched a few parts on cable but I never had the chance to see the entire film (also without cuts and all) so I downloaded it. Boys would definitely be able to relate when they watch this. This is a movie with nudity that is artistically done.

Last Tuesday’s Lunch
We were suppose to have our lunch at home but I was already starving so I insisted we get off at AMK and eat at Ang Mo Kio Hub. I had grilled squid for $5 and H had chicken nuggets for $3.5. Mine was not bad, it came with a dip which looked like shrimp paste (bagoong) but I didn’t bother to taste it since the squid was covered with sweet sauce already. H’s chicken nuggets was just ok, I didn’t like it’s sauce because it’s too sweet for my taste. We took the left over home. I even had a hard time asking for a take out box to the cashier since she couldn’t understand me. Fortunately there was this kid who probably was in high school and was kind enough to translate for me. Both meals came with eggs and a bowl of soup, which we didn’t bother to eat because it tasted like hot water with a little bit of salt.

grilled squid

chicken nuggets

We thought all throughout the entire film no one would utter a single, decent, intelligible word but we were wrong. After seeing this movie’s trailers in the cinemas for months right before a movie starts, we finally got to see what the fuss was all about. This movie beat Wanted in the box office, but still, Finding Nemo remains as my favorite animated film.