I don’t understand why some people are not fond of surfing the internet. I just don’t get it. I mean, what is there not to like? If I don’t get to go online in a day I think I might get sick. That’s how bad my internet addiction is.

I first discovered the joy of surfing the internet way back in high school when having a computer and internet connection at home is considered a luxury. If you have internet at home, you’d automatically be included in the cool students list! As for us mere normal students, we had to get our internet fix at internet cafes. Yes they used to exist and at a costly price. I usually had to sacrifice a few pesos just to satisfy my internet craving. Aside from researching homeworks and projects, I also used to surf about are things I wouldn’t be proud of now (researching on Nick Carter’s life story and other what nots) and would love to leave in the past. It became a weekly luxury for us, usually spending an hour or two (or three! if we have a few pesos to spare) in internet heaven.

When I entered college, it was inevitable, we just had to have internet connection. Just thinking about how things work back then makes me laugh today. You can’t use the “land line” phone and surf the internet simultaneously. You just have to pick one. I’d usually surf in the wee hours of the evening and will last until early morning. Surfing online forums, blogging, discovering new sites, tinkering with photoshop, learning html/css and just discovering a whole new world the internet has to offer. It was so addicting. It blew my mind. It’s a whole new world! The amount of new information to acquire and things to explore was overwhelming thus my mom would usually wake up at 5 in the morning to still see me in front of the PC.

Reading all the forums/sites takes time and this means more prepaid internet card to burn, so one trick that I used to do to save on prepaid internet card was to click on ALL the web pages and then turn off the internet connection. After that, I’ll turn on my little nifty friend called “offline web surfing”, oooh yeah, quite smart isn’t it?

I’ve really come to the realization that I have become an internet addict when I became GOOGLE’s no.1 fan and started using it as a verb.  When someone asks me something that I have no knowledge off, it’s inevitable, I’d blurt out “GOOGLE IT”. It’s like I’m a fanatic or something. Or better yet, I’d immediately “google” it myself on my iphone and give them the answer. Oh, google I’m so in love with you. Whenever I hear a particular song that I  fancy, I’d listen to the lyrics and google a few words and tadah, I’d be able to track down the song title, just like that. I get frustrated when people are frustrated when people are figuring out of ways on how to get the answer, how to get directions, how to do this and that. Google is the answer my friend. Google it, for heavens sake!

When blogging was just starting out, I too had to join the bandwagon. Xanga, LJ, diaryland, iconrate, blogger, etc, name it- I might have joined it. But now I’m finally (I think) settling in wordpress.

I should actually be sleeping now. I’m quite sleepy. And surprise, surprise! I unconsciously asked H, “can I surf the net while sleeping?”. I hope this ain’t contagious.


I was finally able to run opera mini on my phone and now i can surf the internet for free! 🙂 If you are a globe user and owns a 3g capable phone, you can download opera mini, change a few settings and your off to a surfing frenzy. H’s jealous because his sim is having some problem with globe’s settings so he won’t be able to use opera mini. I suggested he change his sim, I’d also love to change my sim since my number’s been passed on from former crews, to applicants i texted, to people I do not know he keep bothering me with their texts, so there I want a new sim too.

Anyway, I downloaded multiply’s auto uploader, I think it would be pretty cool for multiply to automatically upload all new pictures added in our computer but the whole program just crashes our computer down and the album for drafts takes ages to download. So I think I’m just going back o my old way of uploading files to multiply.

I also downloaded several ebooks for my phone that I wanted to read but the current ebook that I’m reading is the bell jar by Sylvia Plath.

Hmmm. I’m still not able to clear up my files and fix this blog’s layout. Maybe next week, maybe. Procrastinating at it’s finest.

Look what we got here! Got featured on Inquirer’s You Blog Addicts!

So I think by now some people who actually know me already came across this blog. Well, hello people. Yes I blog. Come on, dig in, there’s plenty of stupid shallow stuff to read.


**I have a crush right now, and I’m like a giddy high school girl once again. kilig haha

**For the record, I’m not enjoying this pretending to be insensitive thing. I’m not insesitive, sometimes I just pretend I am. I don’t know why. Or maybe I do know why, I just can’t explain why.

**I am deleting some old blog entries that I wrote when my sanity decided to take a leave.

**4 articles due tommorow! Last last week I’ve submitted really late articles, I thought I’ll lose my job haha. Another lesson learned.

**We watched pirates of the carribean last Wednesday and halfway through the movie I slept. Then my exam for the afternoon was cancelled so I just went home. The weather was really bad.

**I’ve made several people sad, I’m bad.

**I’ll blog again, maybe later..

I go on my usual internet routine: check my mail, check my friendster, check my blog, check other people’s blogs, check the forum the i frequent, then one person in my friendster list caught my eye so I clicked on her profile.

Was I just mesmerized? I wanted to wipe my eyes and pinch my arm.

This totally looks exactly like my sister’s friendster profile except it was another persons’ profile. It cannot be. I gave my sister my codes so that she could customize her profile too. I check this girl’s codes and lo and behold its my friggin’ codes and she didn’t even dare change the images, they were the exact same images my sister used so their profiles were like carbon copies of each other!!

That copy cat biatch!!

My sister was raving mad. I was furious!

I immediately changed the filenames of the images (yes I was hosting the images since she copied the entire codes) so that they won’t appear on her profile.

I changed the original filenames to: trixiegayagaya.jpg, wag_gayagaya.gif, and beoriginal.gif, then I inserted some message in between the codes stating that the codes are ours and cannot be copied.

Shit, I PAINSTAKINGLY did those codes since the friendster css generator is not that helpful in fully customizing the profiles.

I know, this is so immature and childlike but, but, but, I just can’t get over the fact that something I put a lot of effort in doing will just be stolen by some copy cat who didn’t even dare ask permission.

My friendster profile is set to first degree but I can receive messages from anyone thus the flooding of messages in my inbox. To my friends and people I actually know: don’t be scared to send me messages, you might be paranoid I’ll post them here but I won’t. These are from people I do not even know. Enjoy.