Another ransacked library

The stinky smell of the cows or goats (I’m not sure what I exactly saw; if they were goats or cows) on our way to Pampanga Agricultural College (PAC) didn’t stop me from
admiring the beautiful view of Mt. Arayat. I don’t usually get that close to Mt. Arayat except when we go to Nueva Ecija.

Aside from the books at PAC are old and dusty, the library also smelled funky.

Their library didn’t have OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) so researching was a pain, slow and not to mention primitive. They also didn’t have airconditioning. I didn’t want to sound maarte (although I was haha) about the whole situation so I tried to stop complaining or at least whine softly so the person in charge of the library (not exactly librarians) who didn’t look so welcoming when we arrived won’t hear us. I think that lady hates us. She turned off the ceiling fan when we started browsing through their thesis.

research team in action (ows?!)

And we didn’t anticipate that they’d get P20 each from us, apparently reasearching on their library which looked like it stopped acquiring new books in the 80’s isn’t free.

we liked their mural though

At first we didn’t know where to look for relevant information for our research because the courses were unfamiliar. They had agriculture management (we found what we were looking for at this section), soil something, poultry, and etc. The thesis section was also interesting, some thesis were grouped according to topic: rose, ampalaya, shrubs, squash.

We didn’t want to touch our faces after we got our hands on the thesis materials, books and journals because we felt our hands got really filthy (arte talaga). The books were so dusty that I wanted to sneeze and now I’m having allergies again. We also felt itchy.

us infront of the prehistoric library, oops! hehe

There weren’t any students maybe because it’s Saturday. Of course, as the ultimate camwhores we wouldn’t miss this oppurtunity to take photos. So we took photos in the middle of the road because there weren’t any people in sight!

I actually wanted to yell: where are the students??

And all along I had to carry a huge pink bag which contained my clothes and toiletries because I was supposed to spend the night (or morning) at Bebang’s house. We had plans to go out and get wasted but it rained! I was already on my way to our meeting place when I decided to cancel. We’ll just go out next Saturday.

So there, although the books there weren’t exactly new, we did find what we were looking for at the undergrad thesis section. Thanks PAC lib. 🙂

  1. she said:

    >sige pakilala mo, sino type mo jan? hehehe

  2. teripotz said:

    >wala lang..taga Nueva ecija din ako 🙂 haha

  3. she said:

    >teripotz: san sa nueva ecija?? 🙂

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