Hairy Issue

Hmm, I’m getting bored with my hair. I told you I wanted to color it but everytime I ask my friends’ and other people’s opinion about this they always say “may kulay na buhok mo ah?” Yeah, but I want a lighter shade. I also want to cut it but I don’t know what kind of cut I’ll have. My friend had this disatrious experience at the salon just recently, they turned her hair into something like that of Jennilyn Mercado’s (showbiz haha) and she couldn’t handle it so she ended up tieing her hair everyday!! SO I’m being paranoid, I’m having second thoughts; to have it cut or not have it cut. To color or not to color.

I’ve never had anything done to my hair thus the dillemma. I’ve got virgin hair; never been colored, never been permed, never been rebonded, never been cellophaned, never been hot oiled, nothing more than a regular hair cut.

I love my hair, who doesn’t? It already gained a lot of compliments from it. Before they thought I had it rebonded, I thought that was flattering. When my sister chopped almost 3 inches off my hair last year I cried! I was lazy to go to the salon to have my hair trimmed and I did the stupidest thing ever; to trust my hair in the hands of my sister. I learned my lesson the hard way although the cut wasn’t really bad.

So, I’m scared to do something with. I’m so fickle.

side note: Our oral defense has been moved on the 23rd! So this means we will first defend our thesis before we go to Euro Star, that is if none of my friends’ brain will go nuts and suddenly back out.

  1. teripotz said:

    >Whoah, virgin hair! Well, should you decide to take the ‘risk’, do make sure to splurge some money and go to a reputable salon. Sayang ang ganda ng hair mo pag namishandle,right? 🙂 So better be sure than sorry..hehe :)have a nice day she 🙂

  2. cherry said:

    >haha,i’m going to get a hair cut today

  3. she said:

    >teripotz yup thats a good advice thanks!cherry show me your haircut after hehe.. where’s your blog??

  4. >you may also want to start browsing in magazines for styles that you want. and teripotz is right. go to a reputable stylist – who is also honest enough to tell you if your pegs can suit you or not (so bring a couple of target styles!).

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