I always say “it’s a psychological error” whenever somebody finds out that I don’t eat carrots. I don’t eat lettuce and coleslaw but I eat them when they’re in my burgers. I don’t eat carrot but I drink carrot juice and eat carrot cake. Actually, the number of vegetables that I actually eat can be counted using one hand! I have a hate-hate relationship with veggies.

I was browsing the internet the other day and I came across an article on “picky eaters”, it got me reading since I am a picky eater! I’ve drastically improved over the years but it was really horrible when I was younger. As I read the article, turns out my joke about my picky eating behavior is indeed psychological after all! And it also turns out that there’s this thing called “selective eating disorder” which I may have suffered at one point in my life!

I didn’t eat “bistek” when I was younger until I was about to graduate college and now I realized the root cause! There was this one time that my mom cooked bistek and my dad scared me by saying it’s “carabao” and not beef so I never ate bistek again, ever! I asked my mom about the carabao thing and she said she never cooks carabao! Thanks dad for ruining bistek for me lol!

When the time comes that we’ll have kids, I’ve decided that it will be my husband’s duty to make sure our kids are not picky eaters and that they will eat veggies (my husband doesn’t eat vegetables and he should lead them by example)!


Our initially planned ktv session was turned into a pig-out session. I like buffets because of the wide variety of food but I am only “takaw mata” and never really eat that much so as they say in Tagalog and in Chinese, I am “lugi” when it comes to buffets. But nevertheless, I think I ate well enough to cover the $25++ dinner buffet charge at Sakura in Safra, Tampines.

Plate #1

sushi and sashimi

Just from the name of the restaurant itself, you would already know that it’s mainly Japanese food and I’m not complaining! As much as I wanted to try all the sushi and sashimi, I stopped myself from trying it all because I know I won’t be able to finish it and there’s a price to pay for wasting food – literally! This is the only buffet restaurant that I’ve been to wherein you get charged for wasted food! $5 for every 100grams!

Plate #2

i need my staple - RICE!

I couldn’t help it, I just had to have rice! This was a wrong move on my part because after this plate, I was already full! A big no no for buffets!! I should’ve known better.

Plate #3


I noticed, girls are more into seafood unlike guys. I found out that peeling a shrimp with spoon and fork is not something all of us can do, apparently some still use their bare hands hehe. The clam here was to die for! The salad pasta was a big mistake, same goes with the takuyaki balls! The takuyaki balls that I buy from the food court is so much better! At this point I was really full and I had to have a 45 minute break chit chatting just to have more enthusiasm for dessert!

Plate #4

strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate

I was actually looking forward to eating pistachio ice cream but unfortunately there wasn’t. The unlimited ice cream at Just Acia was so much better.

Plate #5

cakes and mochi

My last plate for the night, what a shame!! My colleagues kept pushing the durian puff (cream puff) and raved that it was really good. I was hesitant to try it since I knew I dislike durian but I gave it a try anyway. A teeny tiny pinch from the durian puff validated my dislike for it hehe.

I love Ikea!

Among the jobs that I wanted to have (i.e. writer, photographer, graphics artist, web designer, etc) was actually to become an interior decorator so Ikea is like heaven! Before we were based in Singapore I already heard so much about Ikea and I was thrilled to find out that Ikea has stores in here. I remember the first time I set foot in its Tampines branch, I couldn’t contain my excitement! The sofa sets, dining tables, the ergonomically designed seats, the closet organizers, all the nifty little things that you wouldn’t knew exist but can actaually make your house prettier and your life more efficient! I’m an Ikea fanatic and a proud one at that!

When my parents came for a visit last year, I knew I had to take my mom to Ikea. And I was right, she loved it! But all we could do is gawk and dream on! She managed to purchase a few items, among those the simple yet clever plastic bag holder. Now our plastic bags will no longer be be piled up behind the kitchen door.

Today is Singapore’s National Day and we all decided to look for a shoe rack so off to the nearest Giant Supermarket we went. We ended up buying a rice cooker instead. We were all craving for Ikea’s hotdog sandwich so we didn’t have second thoughts on paying it a visit either since it was just a few steps away from Giant. We  weren’t lucky on finding that elusive shoe rack but we were able to enjoy our hotdogs plus purchase a few goodies from Sweden.

See, I don’t know how Ikea does it – sell pretty and awesome stuff plus drool worthy food and yummy snacks.

Hazelnut chocolate - we are yet to try this one!

Milk chocolate

My husband, being the chocolate addict, devoured this right after paying at the counter. It wasn’t bad at all! And we could bring some back home, perfect for pasalubong hehe.

Godis Gula Snoren (Toffee flavoured candy laces)

This one caught my eye and reminded me of the candy we bought from Hershey’s store a few months ago. It looked like spaghetti and when my sister gave me some samples to try, I was sold! I liked it! It’s not for everyone (i.e. my husband) but I like it! It’s chewy and not too sweet. Perfect when you just want something to munch on.

BILAR Chewy Car sweets

My sister and I are on a chewy candy craze phase right now so we just have to have this! Not too sweet and chewy – perfect! Again, my husband is not too thrilled with these stuff but what the heck!


Potato chips to die for!

How could I forget to blog about the potato chips! THE POTATO CHIPS! This instantly became one of my favorite junk food right now!

Ikea, til we meet again! I may not afford your awesome kitchen cabinets, comfy beds and stylish sofas but I will definitely come back to try your cookies, cakes, coffee, etc!

This is what we had at Raffles City last week, stir fried chicken for H and deep fried chicken for me. For the deep fried chicken, there were three choices for the sauce; pepper sauce, pepper with mayo and Thai sauce. H chose for me so he got the one with pepper sauce. His stir fried chicken came with original sauce, as if he had a choice? Forgot the price 🙂 Both were good, but as usual I liked my choice better lol.

deep fried chicken with pepper sauce

original stir fried chicken

Slumdog Millionaire 8/10
I’ve read so many reviews of this film online and on print. The movie depicts the poverty in India which caused so much hype and criticism but still this movie showed the harsh reality poor countries face which most probably the rich aren’t even aware of. I wonder if this movie would have the same effect, popularity wise and all, if it were shot in the slums of Manila.

Gran Torino 9/10
This is a beautifully done film which made me ponder on it before I finally shut my eyes and went to sleep. It’s a great mixture of culture, racism, violence, life and death rolled into one. Definitely became one of my favorites of all time.

Malena 8/10
This film was released in 2000, I’ve known it since and watched a few parts on cable but I never had the chance to see the entire film (also without cuts and all) so I downloaded it. Boys would definitely be able to relate when they watch this. This is a movie with nudity that is artistically done.

Last Tuesday’s Lunch
We were suppose to have our lunch at home but I was already starving so I insisted we get off at AMK and eat at Ang Mo Kio Hub. I had grilled squid for $5 and H had chicken nuggets for $3.5. Mine was not bad, it came with a dip which looked like shrimp paste (bagoong) but I didn’t bother to taste it since the squid was covered with sweet sauce already. H’s chicken nuggets was just ok, I didn’t like it’s sauce because it’s too sweet for my taste. We took the left over home. I even had a hard time asking for a take out box to the cashier since she couldn’t understand me. Fortunately there was this kid who probably was in high school and was kind enough to translate for me. Both meals came with eggs and a bowl of soup, which we didn’t bother to eat because it tasted like hot water with a little bit of salt.

grilled squid

chicken nuggets

So I already consumed all the coffee that we brought here since we came, it was one box of 3 in 1 Nescafe which I think consisted of around 15 packs. Since then I have been scouring Fair Price and Shop n Save for 3 in 1 coffee that wouldn’t cost as much as $5.50 which is the price of Nescafe here. H was hesitant to give in to my caffeine fixation and insists I stop drinking coffee altogether! Being a non coffee drinker, he doesn’t understand how it feels like to be coffee deprived. But still while we were at Fair Price the other day, he handed me this 1 pack of coffee from Indonesia which only cost us $3. We are the ultimate cheapskates here. As if we have a choice. We would always scour for the cheapest chicken, cheapest pork, cheapest soy sauce, if it’s the cheapest then we’ll definitely get it! Although we don’t bother to check the local wet market even if it seems cheaper there because it’s still easier to pick a piece of meat that’s already been packed and sealed with the weight and price indicated, bring it to the cashier and pay for it rather than trying to communicate with the local wet market vendors thru sign language and end up getting the wrong meat or buying more than what you actually intended to. Going back to the coffee, we got this Indocafe coffee which does not taste bad at all. The other day our housemate told me about the coffee she had at one of the hawkers here which had condensed milk in it. I’d definitely try that one of these days since she said it was so good she recently bought a can of condensed milk to try it herself. Gotta love coffee.

This pack will probably last me a month.

These are photos from last Thursday’s lunch at Suntec. We dropped by at the IT Fair to check some cheap gadgets. We ended up getting a W120 for $199 the following day. I had sambal chicken which I never had before, I didn’t expect it to be spicy but it was! It was just ok, nothing fancy. H had sweet and sour pork which I think is boring but the pork was crunchy which he didn’t like. I didn’t like it either. He ended up not finishing his meal. Both were $4.5.

sambal chicken

sweet and sour pork

We went to Fair Price yesterday to purchase chicken, pork and other stuff that we’re going to eat for 2 days. One sales lady approached us and offered us a free taste. It was like chocolatey peanut butter on a piece of loaf bread. After we tasted it, we we’re hooked. Whatever she was selling was amazing. She then led us to a stack of the product we just tasted. Turns out it was Nutella. She tried to “sales talk” us, if that’s what you would call it because she barely talked since she’s having difficulty speaking in English. She just kept on showing us the jar of Nutella and said its price over and over. Damn was it expensive but we can’t help ourselves so we got a small jar which costs $3.10!! It’s almost the same price as the chicken were about to eat for lunch! H keeps on scooping a spoonful of Nutella every now and then. We can’t help but notice that Nutella tastes familiar until we saw the word “Ferrero” on the jar. Yes exactly! It tastes like Ferrero Rocher! I immediately googled and indeed, the chocolatey stuff inside my favorite chocolates is none other than Nutella. No wonder we easily got hooked.

Beware! Addictive stuff

Then we passed by a shelf of snickers and saw that they were on sale. These past few days that we’ve been staying here I always crave for Snickers, probably because I have been junk food and comfort food deprived for 2 weeks already and the mere sight of a Snickers bar makes me high! As expected, we got 2 bars and whenever we eat it, we would cut 1 bar in half and save the other one for the next day. We only get to eat half bar so imagine how bitin we get.

Anyway, here are snippets last Thursday at Suntec.

Our “visitors” sticker

We got these freebies: post its, tissue and lcd cleaner

We also got pens and paper bags (not in pic though)

We ate at Suntec City Mall, I had black pepper beef with vegetables and egg. This was really good, it tasted like beef with oyster sauce and lots of pepper. The vegetable also looked quite tempting, even if I don’t eat vegetables at all I was tempted to taste it. Not bad but I did not finish the veggies 🙂 This came with a bowl of soup which tasted like they just put salt and pepper in it. This set us back around $4.50 I think? Quite cheap compared if we ate at Mc Donald’s and we won’t even get to eat rice!! The first time we tried fast food here was in KFC at Orchard. We were really starving that time and we ordered spicy chicken. As the crew handed me our tray with our meals on it, I asked her where’s the rice? She said “We don’t have rice here.” I was like, WTF?? I told her over and over again that we are ordering “extra rice” and now she’s telling me they don’t have rice. Apparently KFC and Mc Donald’s don’t serve rice here. What we did was eat 1pc chicken and took home the other part so we could eat it with rice!

black pepper beef with veggies and egg

H’s meal was like pork marinated in a sweet sauce or something. He forgot the name but he already ordered this same dish twice, the other time was when we were at a hawker in China town.

H’s unknown dish

At the end of the day we were exhausted from all the walking that we did.