Monthly Archives: March 2011

I knew it was bound to happen. For the past few weeks I noticed how worn out my slippers have become. These were the exact pair of slippers I bought last year from the Philippines right before we had our out of town vacation. I felt that sooner or later it will die on me and it sure did! I was sitted at one of the benches, waiting for my bus when it just suddenly snapped! Just like that! I didn’t make any rough movements or whatsoever and it seemed like it just decided all of a sudden that it’s about time to deattach itself from the sole of my slipper. I hurled out a loud oh my god! The lady beside me couldn’t help but stare at my slipper. After I realized that I was doomed, I acted as if nothing happened but deep inside I was in panic! I was sending my boyfriend sms asking him what I should do! Good thing a taxi passed by and I dragged my right leg, not being able to lift it up or else I will be barefoot. Everyone stared at me as I was about to get into the cab. I lifted my right leg, careful not to drop my slipper which was tucked in between my toes. It was a good distraction for those who were bored waiting for their bus. At least I entertained them even for just a few seconds.

And I’m never wearing cheapo flip flops to work again!!!