All work no play makes us a dull group

I’ve been waking up really early this week. Yesterday I woke at around 6:30 and now I again woke up early so I could do a part of Diane’s feasibility study. Note: I’m not going to be paid for this. haha.

We decided we wanted a change of scenery, especially I who haven’t been going out of the house everytime we do our thesis because we’ve practically been doing our thesis at my place. So we did it at Jean’s sister’s house because nobody lives there! Of course, with a place to hang out in (with no parents), a computer, a videoke dvd with matching song book you don’t expect us to finish a thing with our thesis, do you?

To sum things up we did not finish what we were supposed to do. hehe.

Meeting time was 8am but 8am was a big lie. We spent almost an hour roaming around to find Jean’s sister’s house. I wonder what it would be like if we had to do that walking or with a pedicab! As we reached jean’s house we spent the first hour lying on the bed and setting up the computer. Another hour was spent on bumming around while the others went to buy food. I was craving for rootbeer so we went to the tindahan to look for what else – SARSI! We saw a three wheeler bike parked near jean’s house so we used it for our quest to find sarsi. The bike had a big umbrella so it basically looked like the “wheels” of a tindera ng meryenda. Yes I was the three-wheeler-with-a-big-umbrella driver and I was on heels. haha. Because I felt the spirit of being a tindera ng meryenda, I could not resist the urge to shout MERYENDA, so i did. And each time we’d pass a humps, I’ll sing my humps, what was that! hehe!

Before having lunch we did a little part of the thesis and then ate and then lyied on the bed. We played loads of hangman. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to sing videoke bwahaha!

So yeah, our thesis was second priority and having fun was the main one.

After that we went to school for our university days’ opening. We screamed our lungs out to support the CBA group and laugh at some horrible horrible dancers and singers. I couldn’t imagine myself doing what the participants were doing! Singing and dancing infront of the university?! So high schoolish!!! I used to enjoy joining those things back in elementay and high school, but now?!! I’ll be doomed!!

And I was itching to ride the octopus but my friends didn’t want to!! I haven’t been on an octopus yet!! And we also wanted to go go karting but it’ll be so embarassing!! And I know we’ll have loads of fun laughing at the monsters inside the horror train and taking our photos with. Because this will be our last year to attend the University Days as students so we got to try on a university carnival ride!! Maybe on Saturday! ahaha!!

(We have tons of pictures but my dad brought the digicam this morning and I haven’t transferred them yet! I’ll post them maybe tommorow.)


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