weep sob snivel bawl

Everytime my grandparents are here I always switch the tv to local channels or cable channels that show local movies like PBO and Cinema One because they like watching tagalog movies especially the comedies. Most of the time I don’t have anything to watch and I don’t want to watch tv alone in the room so I watch a movie with them. Yesterday it was Tanging Yaman that we saw. Darn I didn’t know that movie was a tearjerker. I had a hard time holding back my tears!! Then I saw my lola wiping her eyes, so it wasn’t just me haha. My sister and my mom cried too, and I think my lolo also cried. What a bunch of cry babies! The other night I also cried while watching the notebook.

I’m so abnormaly abnormal today!! What’s hapening to me!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!
(just had to let that out of my chest hehe)

  1. cherry said:

    >gosh, i’ve been crying too without any reason at all. life is just sad and predictable *sob*

  2. she said:

    >me too!!! my makita lang akong medyo something sad on tv or hear sad song i get teary eyed na!!!!

  3. she said:

    >oh cherry we saw another tagalog movie this morning and it was leah salonga’s it was shot in san fran.. the whole time that we were watching i can’t help but think about how much you resemble each other especially dun bata pa sya sa movie hehe

  4. cherry said:

    >haha, i have a story…. my mum is friends with leah’s mum and one time we had dinner at the heritage hotel and she went like, ‘what are you doing here?!’ she thought i was her daughter! from then on, lagi na syang nakatitig, she even gave me and my mum free tickets to see leah in NY but i was still in school then. sayang!

  5. she said:

    >cherry: really? that was soooo funny!! sayang nga!! you really look like her noh, hehe

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