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While rummaging the tons of books at book sale, I happen to notice the people around us.

Person #1 Bookworm
I thought he was kinda cute. Ah! He’s at book sale! He must be interested in books! He must be fond of reading! Therefore, there’s a possibility that he is smart! Add the fact that he is (kinda) cute, I might get his number (bwahaha). As he reached the counter, I extended my neck (haha) to see what book he bought. What book is he going to buy? Fiction (he must be bored)? Non fiction (he must be eager to learn something)? Self help (he must be suicidal)? Ahhh, the book he’ll buy will kinda reflect his personality. And then I might get his number (not really haha). But then I find out, he’s just horny. He bought an FHM mag.

Person #2 Mommy Whiney
“Choose only one lang ha”. Hmm.. Good. A mom actually takes her daughter to the book store and lets her choose what she wants. Except the kid goes for a coloring book. Then she changed her mind and said she wanted a “slam book” instead. The mom bought it. Then before I knew it all I heard was a series of loud whining from the mom.

“o yan ha binibili kita ng gusto mo”

“tapos pag may pinapagawa ako ayaw mo”

“nakikita mo ha ganyan lang nakukuha mo gusto mo”

“o susundin mo na ko ha!”


“oh good”

“pag pina-sign mo mga classmates mo dyan dapat pencil”

“walang ballpen ha”

“pencil lang sabihin mo para pwede sila mag-erase”

“let’s go na”

“sabi na one book lang”

And then they were gone. And Book Sale was peaceful again.

Person #3 Oh no! Yet Another Saleslady
I understand that it’s already late when we arrived but it’s not quite closing time. 45 minutes before closing time. This saleslady was already stacking up the piles of books neatly but she was doing it in a not so nice manner. I thought she wants everyone out so they could close early. Of course I still wanted to take a look at the piles of books so I did. Out of courtesy, I returned the books nicely so that she won’t arrange them all over again even if it’s her job to arrange all the books that the customers throw all over. I noticed she kept on following me and she continued to arrange the books beside me while I browsed through the books. It’s as if she’s shooing me away.

Suddenly she asked “ano pong hinahanap nyo?” and I answered “Stones by the river or stones from the river, I’m not sure basta may stone at may river (laughs)”. “ay wala na dyan, inayos ko na lahat yan”, she said. Oh really huh? Then as if she was expecting us to already leave after she said that the book I was looking for is not in there.

So I said “Ok, titingin pa ko ng iba”, “Is that a problem?”. Bitch. Because she obviously wanted to go home already, we didn’t get out to piss her. Ane besides, we’re still looking for books. Other customers were also still looking for books. They pulled the shutter down. No customer came out. They turned off some of the lights. Still no customer came out. I bet they were already annoyed and badly wanted to get us out of the store. Haha.


I’m running out of cash and I have so many things that I plan to buy thus the reason why I suddenly became frugal. Save. I can’t even think of a way on how to get instant cash. Ebaying my stuffs definitely came into my mind. But, it’s as if I have a LOT of stuff that could actually be turned into a decent amount of money. Hmm.. As I was doing my assignment this morning I even came across this 21st century piggy bank. I so want this piggy bank because it’s cute.


So MANY things to do. So many things, I WANT to do. So little time. So little money also. I can be tagged as jack of all trades master of none. I don’t mind. As long as I’m flexible.

P.S. I’m getting fat.


Ela gave this to me last week, out of nowhere. She always does that. She always gives me letters, drawings, and all sorts of things. I love her so much even if she’s a brat. FYI, I’ve been to Vigan with her, she just doesn’t remember lol.

February 23 was a busy day for me. One day, three events, and only three hours of sleep.

The year was 1985 and exactly 21 years later, my mom and dad still continue to love and sometimes test each other’s patience. Just like life, marriage has its ups and downs, and theirs isn’t spared. But the ups are way way too many compared to the downs. To celebrate their 21 years of loving, learning, growing and hating each other, we went out for a simple dinner.

the kids

common let’s eat!

everyone šŸ™‚

together forever ahihi

As for our oral defense, it was good! Actually, I think I might have defended it too much haha. Career to the max! There was even a side comment from the panel. They said they don’t want to compare, (although they obviously did haha) but it was really well written compared to the other groups. Yahoo!! I can’t remember how many times I said “thank you” after they said that. There were a few minor revisons (of course) although we don’t take accountability for the major part to revised (which isn’t that major really). Of course we won’t. It’s not our mistake. Who else is to be blamed if neither one in the thesis group was the cause of the mistake? Who else is involved in the making of the thesis? GO FIGURE. Uh, oh..

Happy birthday Donnie!! Tol the I depend was a success. Eurostar Puerto Galera – here we come!!!

Yeah, we plan to go to Puerto Galera but the chances of actually going there is like, hmm, let’s see, 80% maybe because my friends are the biggest drawing. BUT! If we won’t be able to wear our swimsuits and flash our sexy bodies at Puerto, we’ll go bargain shopping at Tutuban instead. šŸ™‚ Can’t wait for summer vacation.

After hours of malling and resisting the urge to buy something, we dropped by at Book Sale and I saw this book which looked quite decent and I was surprised it was priced at P15. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. One moment I was ready to buy, one moment I founf myself hiding it behind the pile of books so I could buy it later. Dude, it’s only 15 bucks, why are you having second thoughts, kadiri! So I bought the book, which is spontaneous really because I was alarmed by the sound of the pulling down of the shutters because obviously Book Sale (and the entire mall!) was about to close down! I hurriedly brought the book to the cashier while wondering if my P15 was worth it, haha whre is this frugality coming from? I’m saving up for something ok (the word save was almost paced out from my vocabulary)!! In fairness to the book, it looked interesting that’s why it caught my attention in the first place, the P15 tag was just overwhelming. What’s even more overwhelming was when I got home, I googled the book and saw it on Amazon. It was an Oprah’s book club book!! Ahihihi!! Hidden treasure! It has an average rating of 4 stars so I expect this isn’t a bad book after all and that’s for P15!

Is is martial law yet? Kidding. Please no martial law. I still have a life ahead of me after college and I don’t want such restrictions hehe.

While we were walking, Shiela suddenly remembered that her boyfriend is going to pick her up at their house so she said she’ll have to go. I asked her, “where are you going? are you going out”? “Ewan ko”, she answered back and then I again asked “Ano, are you going out? or going in”? Then she laughed. Then I realized the “going in” part didn’t sound right. I, too, laughed at that.

Our oral defense is on Thursday already and I think I’m getting nervous by the minute.

We finally got to meet Shiela’s boyfriend, Chris who just got back from Singapore (or Australia? not sure). And I was surprised that I was the first one he recognized. He walked in the room and set his eyes on me.

“You’re sheanne right?”


I guess Shiela’s been telling him about us (me haha) often. I just wonder if these are bad or good stories! Kidding. So we thought he was one of those scary looking Germans (sorry), but he was actually cute. Their babies will definitely definitely be celebrity material. Our Euro Star trip won’t pursue because he’s here with his boss’ son. We’re planning (ACKKK puro kayo plano) on just going on a beach sometime this summer. I wonder if this will push true. Some of my friends (you know who you are) are so “drawing” and their parents won’t even allow them on a night out (that’s why we don’t get to go out often) much more a 3 day 2 night out of town tour. Whatever. We seriously need a break from all the pressures of this semester. We again had this conversation on our plans after graduation, which happens to be getting more frequent. I know my friends and I share the same dreams and aspirations. Working abroad is definitely top on the list but before we could actually board on a plane and live la vida loca independently, we have to settle for a crappy but high paying job or a wonderful but low paying job or a crappy and low paying job here in the Philippines first. Wonderful and high paying job, when talking about the Philippines and a fresh graduate are two words that you won’t find collaborating. Being a fashion magazine editor, a writer, a graphics artist, a children’s book illustrator, make up artist and advertiser are few of the jobs I would really enjoy, good thing one of those coincides with my course. For all we know, we’ll initially end up, as like the rest of the fresh graduate workforce, as call center agents. There’s actually a 90% possibility that we will be learning the twang and start talking to angry Americans in the unholy hours of the day. Learning the twang won’t a problem, talking to angry Americans is annoying and sometimes self confidence shattering but also won’t be a problem because I’m a very patient person I must say, the nocturnal hours will never ever be a problem because I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning much more with pay. What I don’t like about call centers is I’m not even sure if it is a stable career and if there are chances that you’ll go up the corporate ladder. Thus one of my personal motto is this: Not to be ministered unto; but to minister. Another drawback on call centers is the chances of your brain rotting because none of your brain cells are actually doing “challenging” work. I just don’t like that. I need to learn and grow and a call center might not be the place for that. Although a call center is good as a “stepping stone”, a temporary, and an easy cash job. Call center: “let’s see if our paths will meet”.

Onward to fickle alert. I’ve changed phones twice this month. I’m not sure how long I’m going to hold on to this one. And oh, I think I am really getting fat. My tummy is huge. I. Need. To. Do. Something. About. This. PRONTO!

And so I again started thinking of giving scrapbooking a shot. I know it’s so geeky, I know. Ahh, soo geeky!!! But I really like doing crafts (sometimes) and those sort of things and I love taking photos because these are memories so I thought of fusing my two loves and try scrabooking again. Again. It’s not like I’ve actually did it before. I’ve thought of actually starting to do it before but knowing how a heavy procrastinator I am, non of my pics we’re “scrapbooked”. Really, I promise, one of these days my pictures will be adorned with lovely papers and embellishments. But before I start cutting and doodling I first need to clean my closet which is shouting C-L-U-T-T-E-R!! I’m also going to replace my bulletin board with a spanking new cork board. Argh, I need to make a list of the things I’m supposed to do. Yup. I do that all the time. I can’t live without making lists because aside from the fact that I’m forgetful (that’s given na), I like the idea of organizing things into lists so I feel my life and I are coordinated. After I do all of those I’m going to stack up on nice colored papers, pens, and other scrapbooking materials!!

My friend wants me to join a certain bikini open contest. WTF????!!!! People are nuts.

Today is the so-called valentines day. I’ve never dated on a valentines day because I think it is TOO cheesy. Anyway, aside from the flowers and the chocolates that I got today, nothing’s changed, I’m still effing single. :-/