Some preventive measures because I am paranoid

I had this feeling that my being “forgetful” gets way out of hand sometimes. And being the biggest paranoid that I am, Allie suddenly came to my mind. Yes. Allie from The Notebook. I know I am too young to have Alzheimer’s but did I tell you I was paranoid? I suddenly found myself browsing though this site and getting armed with information and ways on how to AVOID GETTING IT.

Think About Your Future.
Maintain Your Brain Today.

    • Stay curious and involved — commit to lifelong learning

Ooh this would be easy. I really don’t have any plans of letting my brain rot after college. I’m always curious although not always involved. But curious will do, right?

    • Read, write, work crossword or other puzzles

I love doing all of these so there isn’t any problem.

    • Attend lectures and plays

I only had a chance to watch several plays way back when I was in highschool and elementary and watching one now will be next to impossible. Will nice movies work the same?

    • Play games

I love playing games!

    • Garden

Because I’m scared of worms, grasshoppers, bugs, and bees, I’m staying away from this one. I never liked gardening, I think it’s boring.

    • Try memory exercises

I always play memory games on my phone and I try to break my rcord each time 🙂

    • Stay active in the workplace

I will!

    • Volunteer in community groups and causes

I’ll try to!!

    • Join bridge clubs, square dancing clubs or other social groups

This should be something really interesting to keep me from being an inactive member.

    • Travel

I’ve always wanted to travel so this would definitely be on top of my list.

    • Physical Exercise “Pumps Up” Your Brain, Too

Last semester break my friends and I said we’ll go to the gym, play badminton regularly, and do ab crunches everyday. None of those were fully put into action. But I’ll go to the gym someday, promise.

    • Manage your body weight

I’m happy because I think I’ve gained some pounds last year. 🙂

    • Reduce your intake of foods high in fat and cholesterol.

So this means less fries and burgers? Waaaaah!

    • Increase your intake of protective foods.

Ok. But not veggies ok? I don’t eat vegetables so I think I’m abnormal hehe. The only veggies I eat are cauliflower, string beans, cabbage (if it’s in a hamburger), sayote, I think that’s it. I don’t even eat carrots unless it is meticulously chopped or hidden in the dish. hehe

    • Vitamin supplements may be helpful

I used to take vitamins when I was younger, that’s when my mom would force me to take those kadiri syrup. Now I tried taking vitamins again but I always end up forgetting (ooohh forgetting again) to take them everyday.


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