Monthly Archives: September 2008

I had to get a new mall I.D. two weeks ago because my current I.D. is going to expire at the end of this month. I got my new I.D. this week and guess what date was the expiry? FEBRUARY 15, 2009!! The exact date I am going to turn TWO years working for my present company. And I have no plans of getting a new I.D. after this one expires. Can’t wait for my I.D. to expire.


I don’t have any plans of joining the colored skinny jeans bandwagon, so imagine how I shook my head in disbelief (kids these days wah) when I found myself staring at a purple and pink skinny jeans lying on the bed, which I later found out belong to my younger brother who is in high school.

A while ago, H and I couldn’t help but notice the fashion these kids nowadays are sporting. Especially these multi colored skinny jeans. t wouldn’t hurt as much if they could pull it off, but seeing them from afar in a group, they all look like trash to me. I even thought one of them was a beggar or something. They look so untidy and so trying hard to be “IN”.

I was finally able to run opera mini on my phone and now i can surf the internet for free! šŸ™‚ If you are a globe user and owns a 3g capable phone, you can download opera mini, change a few settings and your off to a surfing frenzy. H’s jealous because his sim is having some problem with globe’s settings so he won’t be able to use opera mini. I suggested he change his sim, I’d also love to change my sim since my number’s been passed on from former crews, to applicants i texted, to people I do not know he keep bothering me with their texts, so there I want a new sim too.

Anyway, I downloaded multiply’s auto uploader, I think it would be pretty cool for multiply to automatically upload all new pictures added in our computer but the whole program just crashes our computer down and the album for drafts takes ages to download. So I think I’m just going back o my old way of uploading files to multiply.

I also downloaded several ebooks for my phone that I wanted to read but the current ebook that I’m reading is the bell jar by Sylvia Plath.

Hmmm. I’m still not able to clear up my files and fix this blog’s layout. Maybe next week, maybe. Procrastinating at it’s finest.

We went to the 3 day sale in SM last Friday and Sunday and at the end of the day we almost fainted at the sight of the crowd and were exhausted from all the shopping that we did. I noticed I haven’t been buying clothes/shoes lately which explains why I was like a mad shopper last Friday and Sunday, salivating and drooling at the mere sight of big, bold, SALE signs. My excitement was inevitable and seeing red tags with 50% off made me so giddy. I wanted to buy more than what I’ve actually bought but it’s just too exhausting and queuing for the fitting room just drains you.


Manhattan Pizza, our favorite from yellow cab simply because it has no veggies. We weren’t able to take a picture of our charlie chan chicken pasta. You could see H’s grin on the photo ready to attack the pizza. šŸ™‚


inihaw na liempo

boneless chicken inasal
pupung and friends menu board

We ate at Pupung and Friends, it was our first time to eat there and the food is good and cheap. As usual, H ordered liempo because he is on a quest to try all the liempo in all the fast foods and restos in Angeles. I opted for boneless chicken inasal because boneless might as well mean that it’s chicken breast!We also tried bread talk since it’s just opened recently. Their store looks good and clean since it’s new, the cakes are tempting, but the breads are so-so. And I don’t think they breads are fresh, the packed breads don’t even have expiration dates meaning they might still sell them the following day. Not good. I’m so biased haha.