Monthly Archives: October 2006

One of the bad things that is happening to me lately is that I do not get to watch TV anymore. Yup, notice the word – BAD. Not that I got sick of all the shows on TV – cable or no cable I’d still watch. It’s because a few months back the TV in our living room got busted so eventually people who often watch inthe living room – namely my lola and my siblings – would have to resort to watching TV in our room. That meant no more TV for me because I can’t stand the shows that they’re watching. I’d rather surf the net or hang out in the living room all by myself than watch those shows. So, I’m currently semi-unattached to pop culture. I’m not that familiar with all the stuff happening around, unlike before. I still get to surf the net though and update myself once in a while but watching it on TV is different. I’m missing Oprah, the desperate housewives, The OC, the latest music videos, the juiciest holywood gossip and more.

Another thing that is preventing me from watching TV is my crappy phone. Remembering all the schedule of movies and shows that I have to watch is rocket science for me since my memory can be non existent most of the time, so I have to have an organizer for my TV schedule. Since my current phone lacks such feature, unlike before, I don’t get to organize the TV shows and movies that I have to watch which sucks big time. So damnit I need a new phone.

I still have like four books that I haven’t read and I specially bought those because I anticipated I’d be spending more time at home after I graduate which means mental torture from boredom. So far, I haven’t read a single book yet since I still have a so called social life wherein I get to go out of the house. But once I ran out of cash and I’ve got nowhere to go, these books will come in handy. I’m actually on the verge of getting really broke already because graduation means saying goodbye to the word allowance. I bid the word allowance goodbye, soon I’d like to meet the words salary and commission.

Yesterday I was bored to death so you can just imagine how I managed to put up with playing deal or no deal online. It was just yesterday when I finally understood how to play it.

Don’t you just find it embarassing when parents and grandparents brag about you? Sheesh. I want the earth to suck the entire life out of me whenever my parents do that.


I made four more bug eyed bugs which I gave to my trainors and to frengot haha! Look how crafty I can get sometimes! šŸ™‚ Then I guess staying at home can really make you domesticated. Just the other day I cleaned the living room – after a long time – out of boredome.

Ā my craft materials

my bug eyed bugs šŸ™‚

I forgot to unplug the glue gun – it dripped hehe

–Anyway, lately i’ve been eating an awful lot, and that is good! I saw Dian a while ago and she said I got skinny, yiiih!

–Porky gave me Starbucks coupons, consumable today and on haloween! Hay I want some starbucks tuloy..

–I just downloaded spongecola’s second album! Free mp3s are the best!

–I’m starting to not like toko tokyo’s red iced tea. I used to like it a lot, now it kinda makes me dizzy.

–My mom gave me this bracelet, and it’s supposed to be a feng shui bracelet for love. TSK TSK…

My one week training is over, this means I could wake up whenever I want again. And the daily brisk walking just to get to the training center is also over.

But really, training was fun and somehow I miss it. I met new people, some annoying, but most are adorable and nice. It makes me think, once I’m working already, I’ll get to interact with a much more diverse bunch of people – which is actually fun. Back in high school I thought I was anti social and so I had the tendency to shoo away people. I didn’t like talking to strangers because I felt like I don’t need to talk with a bunch of losers. I thought anti social was cool, much like how you would think Daria is cool. Ooh speaking of Daria, I had fun watching episodes of daria on you tube. Don’t you just like Daria? Anyway, so there, I wanted to be anti social but now I’m the total opposite of what I used to be. I found the fun in meeting new people and talking to them as if you’ve known them for ages.

On the last day of our training I was supposed to do an oration, but since my memory sucks and I didn’t even dare try to see how corrupted it has become over the past few years, I had to settle with doing a demonstration instead. I did a Neil Buchanan stint ala Art Attack and made bug eyed bugs.

In the afternoon we had a mini food feast. The pansit palabok was bitin, haha, gluttony.

Good thing I passed the training, only five of us did so I feel extremely happy.

My target is, before the year ends, I should have a job already. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

P.S. Samantha’s Grill is the product we had to sell during simulation, plus the Amazing Cleaner. Buy now! 90 day money back guarantee! šŸ™‚

Today is my birthday
And I get one every year
And some day…
Hard to believe
But I’ll be buried six feet undergrounf
I’ll be dead and gone, no longer around
I’ll be burried six feet underground.

– six feet under (no doubt)

I always sing this song on my birthday. šŸ™‚ Another year older.

Thanks to those people who made me feel extra special on my birthday. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I planned to stay up at home all day and sleep but my friends insisted that I go to school. There wasn’t any celebration at all but they kept me company on my birthday. Funny, I kept losing track of the date. If not for a lot of people who kept reminding me about my birthday, I wouldve forgotten it.


What you focus on grows…This message was sent to me by my sister – out of nowhere. When asked why she sent it to me, she said “wala lang.” It made me think though. It made me think about the things that’s been happening lately. Yeah, what you focus on grows. I already know that.

Anyway, I’m currently downloading mp3s that reminds me of high school lol. I’m looking for Jewel’s spirit album and No Doubt’s Return of Saturn.

I merely had 3 hours of sleep today and I spent the entire day waiting in vain. Shit. Applying for a job is gruesome. Anyway, I won’t divulge more details for fear of being jinxed haha. All I can say is it felt like we’re in American Idol or something.

I had my first meal of the day at around 8pm already. The entire day I didn’t eat a single meal, not even drank water except for a couple of candies and gum.

And look, it’s already past 10 in the evening and I’m still online instead of sleeping. I still have to go to school tommorrow at friggin’ 8 in the morning!

I have a final interview tommorow so I guess I’ll have my first job rejection tommorow haha. shit it sucks to be rejected. I’ll update you guys.

Haven’t been blogging for ages maybe due to the fact that my mind is still not functioning well… I can’t seem to write decent blog entries! Everything about me is uncoordinated but oh well, I’m in the mood to right something today.

School’s over and I wore my uniform for the last time in my entire life last Friday haha..

I don’t know when I will officially be considered a bum. Is it after graduation? Or I’m already a bum? Oooh yah, I’m graduating next month.. yippee haha.. I’ll brave myself for the job hunt. I heard horror job hunting stories from friends who graduated last March and I felt the frustration of waiting and anticipating for calls from companies. tsk.

Anyway, we changed our pc recently and last week I realized I wasn’t able to save some of my pictures!! Good thing I had those uploaded here, ha!


Moving on, I got sick last week! I had to be run to the doctor at around 7 or 8 in the evening because I felt like I was dying. I had a hard time breathing and the uncontrollable coughing kills me. Well I’m ok now, sort of.


Anyway, I realized I really can’t be with a person who I’m not on the same wavelength with. So impossible. Whoever said opposites attract must have been drinking too much and was on crack and hit his/her head.

The pictures in this post were from last last week’s night out with friends. Had fun, I should have drank more beer and smoked more cigarettes though.

To those interested: bore me to death and you’ll be history. That’s all.