Monthly Archives: January 2009

We tried Reyes Barbeque today for the first time. I ordered boneless chicken breast while H is still on a mission to try all the liempo in the Philippines. The food was good especially paired with java rice. What I didn’t like though was the place’s ambiance. The lights were too bright, they had empty tissue dispensers on the tables (I asked for it to be refilled but the waiter said they’re just going to give us a “single” tissue, why put tissue/napkin dispensers on the tables then?), and the worse was their tables and chairs. I kept on complaining to H about these tables and chairs the entire time. The chairs (on the love seats)were raised a bit too high and the tables were a bit too low resulting to us sitting uncomfortably and ruining our posture to the point that I hurt my lower back so bad. They really were not so ergonomically designed. They should have thought about the “tables and chairs” relationship with regards to their height and the way people would ACTUALLY SIT AND USE THEM. Height really does not matter when it comes to couples but with tables and chairs, it does!

But still, the food was something you’d crave for. You just might want to order your barbeque to go and eat somewhere else.


So I’ve finally (almost) reached the end of my career with my current company. I only have until next Sunday and I can’t wait to move on to another chapter in my life. It’s time for a new environment, new people and new challenges. I think I may have taken it a bit too far when I thought I needed a new environment because H and I gathered all the guts that we could and finally came to the decision of moving to another country. I just hope we’ll be able to pull it off. I don’t want us to go back in the PI after a month, empty handed, jobless and without a single centavo left in our pockets. That scenario is just horrendous, I can’t stand the thought of it.

I think moving out of our comfort zones will make us more mature. This is just what we need at the moment. Quiting our jobs despite several people being axed from their jobs due to the recession may not be the most sensible decision,but we just can’t stand our current jobs anymore. It really is time to move on. We’re not moving forward, we’re not learning anything, everything is just stagnant.

We’re going to need a lot of luck on this one..