Monthly Archives: October 2007

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Today Last Friday is was my birthday
And I get one every year
And some day…
Hard to believe
But I’ll be buried six feet undergrounf
I’ll be dead and gone, no longer around
I’ll be burried six feet underground.

– six feet under (no doubt)

Just like last year, H surprised me on my birthday. Yeah, I’m a happy girl. šŸ™‚ The week before my birthday we went to the mall and he bought me some overly priced flip flops. Then on my birthday, thought he’d be in Manila stucked on his notes while I “celebrate” (if you would call staying at home, watching tv, and eating pasta a celebration) my birthday without him. But then he arrived, ehem, unexpectedly and that made my day complete. More rants later.


I’m thinking of purchasing a new swimsuit this week since swimsuits are on SALE! OMG.