Monthly Archives: November 2007

Finally H’s back home coz the board exam is over! And now the waiting game. I’m sure he’ll pass! Yey! šŸ™‚


So, I’ve never really talked about work here aside from when I got hired, which was basically non detailed at all for fear of getting fired in case I get too excited about ditching people from work, and work in general or the company itself. Nevertheless, I want to talk about work right now. I’ll lay the pros and cons just to be fair.

I love the fact that I get to meet a lot of different people everyday, different personalities, different cultures, different faces to envy or ehem, laugh at (bad!). I like that I get to talk to them about stuff aside from what their having for their meal like why they are dating that prostitute, why they moved here in the Philippines, on why they’re always at SM almost 7 days a week, stuff like that. Some regulars, I have sort of became friends with even if they are like 100 years older than me. We can now distinguish customers based on their usual orders, their looks, their attitudes. In my work I got to meet Damulag, undertaker, mr. and mrs. soup, and a whole lot more interesting and funny personalities. It’s fun sorting people. šŸ™‚

I also like the fact that I get to be the boss, not the BIG boss, but at least I have my own little group of people that I supervise during my shift which is exciting and as I mentioned in my previous posts, scary. I like the idea of creating an image, based from what they see and what they’ve experienced when dealing with me. Like for example, some managers have a reputation of being strict and super scary, some have been named lazy slobs, others are admired and well respected. Of course, I want to be included in the latter, but I still have a lot to learn specially when it comes to leadership, gaining respect and trust. Not that I am saying that I’m not trustworthy, respected and have zero leadership skills. It’s just that, you can never be too staisfied with yourself or else you’ll get stucked and won’t improve. Stagnant!

Another thing that I like about it is I get pick my sched and days off. I also like talking on the phone with customers requesting for special orders. I like counting tons of P1000 and P500 peso bills even if they don’t belong to me. I like it when some customers call me ma’am even if they don’t have to, I’m the one supposed to be calling them ma’m/sir, lol. I like it that I earn more compared to most people my age.

Now, with the cons. I uber hate the one day off per week. It’s just like my body begs and shouts for “MOOOOORRREEEE” right before a day off ends. It’s so bitin. I also hate woking on holidays, when everyone else is enjoying and bumming around with their families and friends, I on the otherhand is stucked at work.

Being in the service industry, you get to meet a lot of different people. Some days you’ll get astounded on how other people could be so different from me,or othr people I know – they can be very difficult, unreasonable and so damn demanding. Yeah, we’re talking about cutomers here. Also being in the service industry means you have to give customers the “service” that they “expect” not actually the service that they “deserve” because if that is the case, many of our customers would have been tasted spit and shit on their meals or would have been greeted with “Good morning mr/ms bitchy customer”.

On the financial side, I may be earning a little bit more than most peoplemy age, but the “a little bit more” is not enough.

Nevertheless, at least I got a job.