Monthly Archives: July 2006

She is happy today. She is just not sure how long it will last because maybe for all she knows, this is all temporary. But she doesnt really care that much because she is expecting the the worse, just like before. She is stupid. She needs to be slapped. šŸ™‚


Look what we got here! Got featured on Inquirer’s You Blog Addicts!

So I think by now some people who actually know me already came across this blog. Well, hello people. Yes I blog. Come on, dig in, there’s plenty of stupid shallow stuff to read.


**I have a crush right now, and I’m like a giddy high school girl once again. kilig haha

**For the record, I’m not enjoying this pretending to be insensitive thing. I’m not insesitive, sometimes I just pretend I am. I don’t know why. Or maybe I do know why, I just can’t explain why.

**I am deleting some old blog entries that I wrote when my sanity decided to take a leave.

**4 articles due tommorow! Last last week I’ve submitted really late articles, I thought I’ll lose my job haha. Another lesson learned.

**We watched pirates of the carribean last Wednesday and halfway through the movie I slept. Then my exam for the afternoon was cancelled so I just went home. The weather was really bad.

**I’ve made several people sad, I’m bad.

**I’ll blog again, maybe later..