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I had nothing better to do so I edited some of our videos when we went to 100 islands.

FS stands for fucking shit ok.


by idealpinkrose

instructions: name 10 of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same. try to be original and creative, and not to use things someone else has already used.

1. blogging
2. seafood kare kare
3. getting emails, texts, friendster messages
4. newly changed bed sheets
5. watching tv alone while it is raining very hard
6. daydreaming
7. spontaneous gimiks/trips/plans
8. hugs
9. nice surprises
10. massage

I felt like the word “excited” was plastered on everbody’s forehead at the cinema yesterday morning because nothing shouts excited than arriving at the cinema in as early as 10am, the aircon were still turned off, the screen was still turned off and the cinema was half full with people who I bet were as excited as us. Unfortunately all the excitement and the fuss wasn’t worth it. The Da Vinci code the movie is disappointing. But still, for those who haven’t watched it, watch it. So you could see what I mean and so you won’t be left behind when other people would talk about it.

Just when I am obsessing on how big my tummy has become in the last few months, here comes this vocalist with an unfairly hot body with an unbelievably nice abs. And so the enviousness became apparent.

Her body’s hot, but is she pretty? I think she looks like Jaya.

Her boobs are really nice but look, her ass is flat.

She’s obviously immitating Beyonce.

Her face isn’t really pretty.

I kept on blabbing while I smoked, danced and drank my enviousness away, causing more serious damage to my slowly inflating tummy.

Last night was fun.

1. The weather’s making me reminiscent, sometimes I hate the rain, sometimes I love it. Now I’m loving it.

2. Last week two people said to me that I’m the only one that’s making them happy.

3. I’ve been going to that newly opened SM mall for three consecutive days already and it has only been opened fo what, five days.

4. Donnie and I have made up our mind already that we are going to be on a hunger strike if the school is not going to offer that one subject we need to graduate.

5. Can’t wait for school.

6. I need to buy some cute outfits for the rainy season.

7. I’m excited to attend my subject wherein my classmates will be freshies, because I, the super senior, will reign! *evil laugh*

8. I got dark over the summer. bwiset.

There’s this yet another spontaneously planned swimming that my friends and i should go to but at the last minute I decided I won’t come because the weather just sucks and I wasn’t feeling well.

I am super duper happy with the new mall that opened two days ago. It’s so near my house ahaha! Went there yesterday to check it out, not that big but I like it. Now I have 7 malls to choose from.

Sm City clark – this one’s near my house, I like the feeling that when I’m outside the mall I feel like I’m in a different place. I’d definitely go here very very often, when I’m bored, doing errands, shopping, movies, hanging out with friends.

Sm City Pampanga – I’ll just go here when I’m looking for something that I’m not able to find in Sm Clark. I’d also go here if I don’t feel like bumping into a lot of people I know when shopping because that’ll definitely be the case in Sm Clark.

Robinsons Balibago – this is my mall when I ‘m not going to do any serious shopping, when I badly need to buy something but then I don’t want anybody to see that I have a huge zit on my face, when I’m feeling ugly and when I want to stay away from the crowd.

Robinsons Pampanga – the place to be when I’m on a secret date or when I’m on a date with someone I don’t wanna be seen hanging out with.

Nepo Mall – this is the mall we’d go to before, after, and in between classes

Jenra Mall – I don’t know. will I still go to this mall???? Maybe when watching movies and for videoke haha..

Savers Mall – Same thing, will I still go to this mall?? Goodness..

Yipee.. Only problem is I’m broke. After that we went to my cousin’s birthday.

Anyway, Happy mothers day mami and lola and lola. šŸ™‚

1. Never Ever by All Saints – back in first year highschool my friends and I would sing in the classroom and after classes, but this was the most memorable song. We would sing it with the corresponding “blending” of our voices. Yes it’s dorky.

2. I’m like a bird by Nelly Furtado – third year highschool, there’s this old Spanish house that we’d go to everyday after classes and there we’d shoot our class project – a mini film of Noli me Tangere. The “shooting” would last until twelve mindnight and the latest shoot we had lasted until 4 am. In between shoots, trying hard acting and wearing baro’t saya in the middle of the street as our costume, we would try smoking for the first time, drink Red Horse in a plastic with straw, some would have “secret” make out sessions, and a lot more crazy things.

3. This side by Nickelcreek – whenever I hear this song I become sentimental. There’s no particular moment that I remember, it’s just when I hear it tons of memories flashback, just like in the movies.

4. [edited] i removed no. 5

5. You’re a God by Vertical Horizon – reminds me of all the guys I dumped. Oops.

6. Peaches and Cream by 112 and Jay-z – my college friend who’s now in the states would tease me with this song, we’d talk on the phone and he’ll sing peaches and “Cream” because back then there was this “Crim” (criminology) student who had a crush on me. Anyway, turns out this friend also likes me. Tsk tsk.

7. Set you Free by Side A – we were having fun singing on the videoke then I suddenly sing this song to a friend (previous post) and told him to listen carefully because it is his song. Somehow he got the idea, at the end of the song he was already teary eyed.

8. Huling El Bimbo by Eraserheads – another eheads song, I was in fourth grade we were on our way to Baguio and this song plays on the radio.

9. Jupiter (swallow the moon) by Jewel – until now Jewel’s spirit album remains to be one of my favorites. This is another song that reminds me of first year highschool, my bestfriend made a copy of this album for me and even gave me the lyrics but she made me pay her. And I call her my bestfriend huh? Surprisingly, we’re still bestfriends now despite her greedy nature. šŸ˜‰

10. Adia by Sarah Mclachlan – I was in highschool, it was summer, I bought an MTV Fantastic Female album and played it over and over every morning.

11. All or nothng by O-town – my bestfriend had this huge crush on our classmate, she was so madly infatuated with him which in turn made us feel like we were becoming stalkers already. Because her infatuation for this guy wasn’t really a secret, in fact everyone knows, on our prom some of our friends pushed them together so they could dance. This was the song that was playing, of course this song was memorable to her. A couple of years later after graduation, my other bestfriend and I called her on the phone without uttering a single word just All or nothing playing in the background. The next day she told us about it and we couldn’t help but laugh but we still managed to make her believe that maybe it was her crush who called.

12. Achy breaky heart by Billy Ray Cyrus – every morning after the flag ceremony we would be forced to exercise to the tune of this song. Evrerybody should do the “L.A. walk” (I don’t know why they called the dance like that). When teachers weren’t looking we’d just stand and watch how silly everyone looked while dancing the “L.A. walk”. There was even a time when our section was assigned to be the leaders and we had to dance the whole thing infront of the whole school, imagine that!

13. Miss na miss kita by Father and Son – I was in elementary and our neighbor would play this song every morning. Actually, it wasn’t the neighbor, I think it was their maids who were responsible for playing this song. Even my sisters would reminisce the time when we lived in that subdivision whenever we hear this song. During siesta time our mom would force us to sleep, we’d pretend to be sleeping then when our mom had fallen asleep already, we’d sneak out of the house to go to the park and play.

Lately there has been so much talk, so much drama, so much selfishness, so much guilt, so much love, so much confusion. A blast of emotions. How melancholic. Life isn’t really fair and I’m the bitch. Call me the bad guy. Been thinking about so many things.

Like this morning, I was making Milo, I taste it. Needs more Milo, so, I scoop a spoonful of Milo until my lola reacted, it wasn’t Milo, it was coffee. I added a spoonful of coffee to my chocolate drink. Wallah! Accidental mocha drink. My mind is apparently wandering.

This has got to stop.