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at our house

My so called “group mates” came here at our house to do our thesis.

I think it took us an hour before we actually started because the pizza and the snacks are tempting us. Our minds won’t cooperate with the pizza staring at us so we had had to eliminate it first so we could get going. Eliminate distractions!

It took us another hour before we finally typed something.

In between typing and thinking we would again eat, sing, and chit chat with each other.

Shiela noticed the books on the shelves and she asked me what I could suggest for her to read. I said she should read “The Perfect Fit”.

*Sigh*, thesis making is exhausting and fun.


I thought after almost 4 years of blogging I got tired of it already. 4 years of blogging and no decent arhives!!!! Thanks to my unreliable hosts. But no. I missed blogging so much. I just can’t stand the way my blog looks right now. Urgh, I need to fix it A.S.A.P., if only I have spare time.

The initial plan yesterday was to interview the business owner for our thesis project and then go to the mall, and then to Bhey’s house. Donnie was supposed to be the one to interview and I told him to call the owner first so we can have our appointment. A few hours before our appointment he texted me and told me he can’t make it. Bummer.

jean and donnie

Donnie: she sensya na hindi ako pwede
me: why?
Donnie: kasi walang mag-aalaga sa nephew ko

me: ano?! isama mo nephew mo aalagaan namin!
donnie: hindi pwede makulit to’
me: langya ka, i’ll kill you!!!!!!!!

Urgh. I was forced to do the interview which went quite well. Then Bhey texted that we can’t come to their house anymore because blah blah blah. So far second bummer. We didn’t know where to go.

“Sa bahay nyo na lang?”

“Ayoko nga, kakagaling ko lang dun pauuwiin mo na ko?! Kaw kaya sa bahay nyo?”

“Ayoko din hehe”

“Kina Donnie na lang! Text mo sya!”

Then we received a text from Donnie saying that he just left the house. Bummer no. 3. So we met up with him. We took a jeep not knowing where we were going. We didn’t have a destination and as always we ended up in a mall.

What did we do there?

We went there to think on where we should go next. We were debating if we should go to school and do our thesis (Bhey, shiela, Michelle, and Rhea had classes), or eat, or just wait for Bhey, or just go home. I said we go to school to do the thesis and then eat afterwards.

While we were about to enter the school, we realized we had an itsy bitsy problem. Going to school wasn’t included in our plans so I wore a hanging top anf flat sandals which is prohibited inside the university. The guards at the main and side gate are uber strict (I know, I’ve been caught a looooot of times already) so we had to walk all the way to the other gate because the guards there are more lenient. So there after we surpassed the guards (no sweat) we went to Kapampangan Center to do our thesis but we ended up being recruited by Kamaru a.k.a. HAU Archeological society. We really wanted to join but after meeting the girl who gave us an overview of the org, we are now having second thoughts.

Oh while we were at the Kapampangan Center we took photos with the infamous Macabebe Scouts! I always wanted to have my picture taken with them haha.

with my boyfriends
The Macabebe Scouts, under the command of Brigadier General Frederick Funston, captured Emilio Aquinaldo in March 1901. This act ended organized resistance to the American conquest of the Philippines. However, the American government soon returned most Scouts commanded by American officers to quell other revolts and disorders throughout the archipelago.

Jean thought they were scary. But I thought they were funny and cute. haha.

We took a couple more photos at school and then headed to Greenwich and stuffed ourselves with pizza and our latest addiction – pizzadilla. I admit I’m the one to be blamed for my friends’ addiction.

Donnie, Jean. and Gel infront of the Kapampangan Center

Jean, Gel, and me

I won’t be around this university anymore once that building behind me gets finished. šŸ™‚ Unless they could finish it in less than a year.

Shi and She at greenwich!

After we ate we decided it was time for some videoke but unfortunately the mall was already about to close so Bhey and I just played at the arcade.

Bhey in action

After losing a game…

The closing of the mall didn’t stop us from satisfying our inner diva. We still managed to find a place to sing our hearts out.

Left: jean – remember me this way; Right: bhey, “mam” shiela, gel, and mitch

FYI: There were no alcoholic drinks involved. Only cigarettes.

  1. We’re already working on our thesis. Nothing’s done yet. As Donnie would always say: “Let’s rock!” and “I defend”! Our plan? Take loads of photos in the process! There’s nothing like doing a tough job with your friends – it’ll be disastrously fun!
  2. I’m sticking to blogger because I’m so sick and tired of fixing my site and keeping up with my host. I got so heart broken when I lost my previous blog entries. Those are effing memories people. Whatever.
  3. I think I’m getting fat.
  4. Oh, I watched the goblet of fire on the first day of showing and the cinema was full! I loooooved it. My favorite part was when Beauxbaton and the Durmstrang were introduced. Bah. It was awesome.
  5. We’re going to Bhey’s house tommorow to eat loads of tacos and drink. It’s her post birthday celebration.
  6. My last song syndrome striked again. It’s saved the last dance by Vanessa Williams. I’ve been humming it since yesterday.
  7. Oooh speaking of a song, I was so bored in my advertising subject a while ago that I started doodling and I wrote down the entire Ever After lyrics by Bonnie Bailey. I still love that song. It’ll remain as one of my faves.
  8. I’m about to finish reading Angels and Demons. Oh well..
  9. Hmmm.. I’m getting the hang of bloging again. Give me a few posts and I’ll be back to my old blogger self.
  10. I wanna watch Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros.