Monthly Archives: January 2007

I don’t have that “this is my year feel” this year, unlike last year, which proved to be right. My 2006 was like a collage with all sorts of things that made it pretty interesting. At the beginning of 2006 I was filled with feel good vibes and my gut feel didn’t fail me, 2006 was indeed my year. And now 2007, like Randy Jackson would always say to AI losers, “I’m not feeling it” and I’m not feeling it indeed. I hope it’s just PMS and my 2007 will be much better. This negative feelings may be attributed to the fact that I had so much fun in 2006 that somehow there is some sort of fear that I won’t be as lucky as I was in last year. You lose some, you win some. Also, because the start of my year didn’t went well as planned and as HOPED, at the back of my mind I thought this mishaps could go on for the entire year. Yeah, I kinda stopped being SOO optimistic years ago when failure and disappointments hit me so hard despite the optimism. Because during most of my lifetime I was optimistic and because at one point I did believe in the power of the mind, when they said once you started thinking positively and envisioned things like you want them to happen they WOULD happen. But things didn’t happen. And when things don’t happen especially when you’re optimism is on its peak, you become wrecked. So, I won’t be as optimistic anymore.

I chose to say goodbye to my recent, almost non existent job (I can’t even put it in my resume coz it isn’t considered as a work experience due to the number of days I managed to PUT UP with it) last week. It’s not that I already got tired of checking passports and itineraries, tagging passenger’s luggage, charging people for their excess baggage (to they really need all that stuff for a one week trip?), giving out and tearing boarding passes, being asked if there is a smoking area (THERE ISN’T OK!), announcing that finally the aircraft has arived and everybody could now leave, giving out final calls, shouting at passengers to please show their boarding passes, being shouted back by pasengers who either have lost or damaged bagagge, and a lot more. I actually found these things interesting and fun. Work was fun but the mental torture and ego wrecking antics by [insert people’s name here who are terribly insecure] weren’t tolerable. Add the fact that the salary was bad. I actually just planned to stay there until I find a decent, not exactly high paying but properly compensating job wherein the people I work with won’t drive me nuts. But then I opted to just go back to being a bum. I’ve got several pending applications with companies. There’s this one company that has been calling me for days, I’m pretty sure I’ll get hired once I go there (I’ve had several interviews with them already) but then I thought it’s just a “job” not a “career” so I dissed it hehe.