Monthly Archives: May 2007

Finally an update!! As usual, to get back to my old blogging phase, I’ll warm up with an entry that consists of bullets aka a summary of the past few months.

* I have a love/hate relationship with my work. I love the feeling of earning my own money, having control, working with nice people and having control teehee. What I hate about it is having control haha! It’s such a responsibility you can’t help but feel scared and think of the possibility of screwing up big time. Another thing that I hate about it is putting up with unbelievably bitchy customers. Believe me I’ve had quite a few experience in dealing with them and I hate the picture. I mean, can’t they be a little nicer and a little bit more understanding? What goes around comes around. Work is usually tiring but there are also slack hours/days.
* Cheesy alert!! H’s going to leave for Manila soon for his review so we’re spending every chance that we get to be together. We went on an overnight swimming with his friends and then went to the beach with his family. On Monday we’ll go swimming again, teehee!!
* I’m thinking about the things that I’m going to do once H leaves so I’ll have some diversion and so that I won’t get bored. My plan’s all mapped out already.
* The people’s reactions especially our elementary classmates’ reactions when they find out about H and I are funny. Well, who would’ve predicted? Even I didn’t see it coming!
* Oh, there was a sale early this month and yeah spent quite a few hard earned bucks to the point of me saying, “where did all my money go?” 😦 Shopping is so therapeutic!
* My life seems so happy now, I have a job, a family, friends and I have H. I can’t help but feel scared. I don’t want to be sad again.
* another entry tommorow!