Monthly Archives: November 2006

for exactly 2 weeks now!

And it’s friggin’ crazy and sometimes paranoia strucks, what if I dion’t get a job within the next six months? I’ll die of starvation! hehe. Bummer. And besides, you really wouldn’t expect companies to be hiring at this time of the year!!

I went thru several interviews already, one was for a call center where I got in, was given a friggin’ training agreement but the “agreed” date wasn’t followed so they said I still have to wait for my training date. Shit. Other people that I know who also got in, had their training after three rediculous months. I’m actually having second thoughts about call centers, actually, I don’t really want to be a call center agent. How ironic to the answer I gave the project manager when asked with the question “So, Sheanne, why should I hire you?” and I answered gleefully with “Sir, because I am very determined to become a call center agent and at this point, it is what I really want.” Plastic!! hehe.. Call center = last option!!!

I was also called for a couple of interviews for a bank and for another company, but the interviews were at their main offices in Manila and I was lazy to go, so I didn’t.

Anyway, I still haven’t told you bout my graduation right? LOL.. On my graduation day, there was a typhoon named Queenie (I hate the name) so the graduation march was cancelled and we just had to find our seats and sit! The graduation march was one of our anticipated moments and then it was cancelled due to a lousy named typhoon.

As I stepped into the gym, the major thought that occupied my mind was if somebody has the same dress as mine! It would be my worse graduation moment if there had been but luckily there wasn’t. I guess my “little talk” with the sales lady worked when I told her not to allow anyone to buy the same dress that I bought or ask the customers if they were buying it for a graduation and if they were, tell them immediately that somebody already bought the same dress. Then aside from my dress, my mind was also fixed on my hair because all the while I thought my curls (yeah I got my hair curled haha) were going AWOL. After the graduation, on our way home while in the car, I just combed my hair so that it’ll be straight again the moment I got home.

I envied the HRM graduates’ hood because theirs was pink and ours was yellow. So unfair.

So my mini grad party was fun. šŸ™‚ Close friends and relatives came, of course there was booze and videoke to keep everybody happy. My bestest friends were of course the last to leave.

— The look on one of our ex classmate’s face was funny when she saw frengot and I together. Deep breath, jaw dropped, eyes bulged, then followed by the question “Kayu naa??!!” and I answered with “hinde noh”. Got used to saying that already.

— The other night frengot stayed here and suddenly said we go out and buy something to eat. Ela went with us, and I was just wearing my pambahay outfit when we finally settled on going to Didi’s instead of Jolibee. I froze inside Didi’s, the aircon almost killed me.

— Jobhunting ain’t fun at all! Especially when there really aren’t any jobs aside from call centers! Wah..

— My phone made my blood pressure go sky high when it suddenly stopped working for like an hour yesterday.


Today’s my blog’s birthday!! šŸ™‚

I’ve been blogging since 2002 but haven’t had a permanent blog address so this blog turns 1 yerar old today.

That’s all.