Answered Prayer

I’ve been praying to God the other night and I was surprised when I asked him for a “sign”. I’ve asked God for “signs” before and what I’ll do the next day is I unconsciously wait for the sign to appear. God didn’t send me a sign.

But this time I was surprised. I asked God for a red butterfly, I know, butterflies as a sign from God are so gasgas but you can’t blame me because I ran out of creative juices to think of a unique sign so I sticked with butterfly. I think red would be a reasonable color for a butterfly to be a sign since I still haven’t seen a red butterfly and the chances of me seeing a red butterfly on an ordinary day would be really really slim.

So the next day, unlike before, the idea of asking God for a sign TOTALLY abandoned my mind. I forgot about it. It was later that night when I got home when I remembered it. I was so delighted because I saw a HUMONGOUS butterfly when I entered the school because apparently our university days’ theme has something to do with butterflies. What wasn’t clear to me was the color of the butterfly. The following day I was anxious to see what color the butterfly is. I got a bit disappinted because the butterfly was in different colors. For a moment I wanted to believe that it was indeed God’s sign to me, that the color pink is a shade of red so probably that was God’s sign. But it was not.

As I was about to sleep, the class discussion the previous day SUDDENLY, out of nowhere, came into my mind. I got a rush of blood to the head. I remembered the teacher gave a sample problem and the person she used in her example was red butterfly. Red butterfly is a character in a local soap that was aired on abs-cbn three years ago. It was so clear! It was the sign.

Thank you God.

  1. tiepee said:

    >When I don’t get the signs I ask for, I always think, “What if the absence of a sign is THE sign?” Haha. Maaaan.

  2. >kung ako yung naging biktima nung humongous butterfly, nagwala na ako.*shivers*

  3. she said:

    >floi: yup that’s so true! still on hiatus?tiepee: oooh yah!! naiisip ko din yan!!!!! hahadezphaire: joke only yun humongous butterfly!! lol

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