I don’t understand why some people are not fond of surfing the internet. I just don’t get it. I mean, what is there not to like? If I don’t get to go online in a day I think I might get sick. That’s how bad my internet addiction is.

I first discovered the joy of surfing the internet way back in high school when having a computer and internet connection at home is considered a luxury. If you have internet at home, you’d automatically be included in the cool students list! As for us mere normal students, we had to get our internet fix at internet cafes. Yes they used to exist and at a costly price. I usually had to sacrifice a few pesos just to satisfy my internet craving. Aside from researching homeworks and projects, I also used to surf about are things I wouldn’t be proud of now (researching on Nick Carter’s life story and other what nots) and would love to leave in the past. It became a weekly luxury for us, usually spending an hour or two (or three! if we have a few pesos to spare) in internet heaven.

When I entered college, it was inevitable, we just had to have internet connection. Just thinking about how things work back then makes me laugh today. You can’t use the “land line” phone and surf the internet simultaneously. You just have to pick one. I’d usually surf in the wee hours of the evening and will last until early morning. Surfing online forums, blogging, discovering new sites, tinkering with photoshop, learning html/css and just discovering a whole new world the internet has to offer. It was so addicting. It blew my mind. It’s a whole new world! The amount of new information to acquire and things to explore was overwhelming thus my mom would usually wake up at 5 in the morning to still see me in front of the PC.

Reading all the forums/sites takes time and this means more prepaid internet card to burn, so one trick that I used to do to save on prepaid internet card was to click on ALL the web pages and then turn off the internet connection. After that, I’ll turn on my little nifty friend called “offline web surfing”, oooh yeah, quite smart isn’t it?

I’ve really come to the realization that I have become an internet addict when I became GOOGLE’s no.1 fan and started using it as a verb.  When someone asks me something that I have no knowledge off, it’s inevitable, I’d blurt out “GOOGLE IT”. It’s like I’m a fanatic or something. Or better yet, I’d immediately “google” it myself on my iphone and give them the answer. Oh, google I’m so in love with you. Whenever I hear a particular song that I  fancy, I’d listen to the lyrics and google a few words and tadah, I’d be able to track down the song title, just like that. I get frustrated when people are frustrated when people are figuring out of ways on how to get the answer, how to get directions, how to do this and that. Google is the answer my friend. Google it, for heavens sake!

When blogging was just starting out, I too had to join the bandwagon. Xanga, LJ, diaryland, iconrate, blogger, etc, name it- I might have joined it. But now I’m finally (I think) settling in wordpress.

I should actually be sleeping now. I’m quite sleepy. And surprise, surprise! I unconsciously asked H, “can I surf the net while sleeping?”. I hope this ain’t contagious.


A few days before, H came to the store bringing this cute little thing with him. After so many attempts at the stuff toy machine, he was finally able to get this! He said this is MR. Luigi, that’s to justify for the letter M on his cap when we all know it’s supposed to be a letter L.
Next on his list is to free one of the Dory’s trapped inside! I really like Dory because she is funny and she has short term memory loss, just like me. Although mine is just developing and hers is full blown stml! How many tokens are we going to waste just be able to get our hands on her?


I’ve been wanting to de-clutter my pc from files and programs that I hardly use or won’t need but I can’t seem to find the time for it.


Tommorow is pay day and I am going S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G coz it’s 3-day SALE in SM!!


I want a new phone and a laptop. wishful thinking.

Finally an update!! As usual, to get back to my old blogging phase, I’ll warm up with an entry that consists of bullets aka a summary of the past few months.

* I have a love/hate relationship with my work. I love the feeling of earning my own money, having control, working with nice people and having control teehee. What I hate about it is having control haha! It’s such a responsibility you can’t help but feel scared and think of the possibility of screwing up big time. Another thing that I hate about it is putting up with unbelievably bitchy customers. Believe me I’ve had quite a few experience in dealing with them and I hate the picture. I mean, can’t they be a little nicer and a little bit more understanding? What goes around comes around. Work is usually tiring but there are also slack hours/days.
* Cheesy alert!! H’s going to leave for Manila soon for his review so we’re spending every chance that we get to be together. We went on an overnight swimming with his friends and then went to the beach with his family. On Monday we’ll go swimming again, teehee!!
* I’m thinking about the things that I’m going to do once H leaves so I’ll have some diversion and so that I won’t get bored. My plan’s all mapped out already.
* The people’s reactions especially our elementary classmates’ reactions when they find out about H and I are funny. Well, who would’ve predicted? Even I didn’t see it coming!
* Oh, there was a sale early this month and yeah spent quite a few hard earned bucks to the point of me saying, “where did all my money go?” 😦 Shopping is so therapeutic!
* My life seems so happy now, I have a job, a family, friends and I have H. I can’t help but feel scared. I don’t want to be sad again.
* another entry tommorow!

  1. Not a bum anymore, yey!
  2. I get really really distracted with overgrown hair coming out of people’s nostrils. And it’s even more distracting if you see these kinds of people everyday. Eew.
  3. Anyway, I’m a bit bothered and concerned that sooner or later I’ll screw up in my job. It’s normal but ahh I don’t wanna screw up, I need to be regularized damnit. Shit happens.
  4. I want a lomo and a digicam.
  5. Donnie was talking about wanting to go to Puerto Galera this vacation which is a nice idea buts next to impossible because first of all, I can’t skip work, my friends can’t skip work and my other friends are broke. haha. Maybe next year.
  6. Gawd, I can’t wait for August.
    1. Yes I can be mean.

  • The increased unlimitxt price is starting to take its toll on me. Apparently these people are not that happy with the increase either. I actually have thought of switching to sun. H and I already considered to switch to sun since it’s really cheap. He was supposed to let me use his other spare phone so that I would still be able to text my family since they are all globe users. But we brushed the idea off. NTC, please bring our old unlimited back, pretty please?
  • Shocking news, Anna Nicole is dead.
  • In a few days, I won’t be a bum anymore. 🙂
  • The huge flab in my tummy is shouting “eliminate me!”, but I just can’t, I’m so lazy.
  • Effing broke.

I made four more bug eyed bugs which I gave to my trainors and to frengot haha! Look how crafty I can get sometimes! 🙂 Then I guess staying at home can really make you domesticated. Just the other day I cleaned the living room – after a long time – out of boredome.

 my craft materials

my bug eyed bugs 🙂

I forgot to unplug the glue gun – it dripped hehe

–Anyway, lately i’ve been eating an awful lot, and that is good! I saw Dian a while ago and she said I got skinny, yiiih!

–Porky gave me Starbucks coupons, consumable today and on haloween! Hay I want some starbucks tuloy..

–I just downloaded spongecola’s second album! Free mp3s are the best!

–I’m starting to not like toko tokyo’s red iced tea. I used to like it a lot, now it kinda makes me dizzy.

–My mom gave me this bracelet, and it’s supposed to be a feng shui bracelet for love. TSK TSK…

Haven’t been blogging for ages maybe due to the fact that my mind is still not functioning well… I can’t seem to write decent blog entries! Everything about me is uncoordinated but oh well, I’m in the mood to right something today.

School’s over and I wore my uniform for the last time in my entire life last Friday haha..

I don’t know when I will officially be considered a bum. Is it after graduation? Or I’m already a bum? Oooh yah, I’m graduating next month.. yippee haha.. I’ll brave myself for the job hunt. I heard horror job hunting stories from friends who graduated last March and I felt the frustration of waiting and anticipating for calls from companies. tsk.

Anyway, we changed our pc recently and last week I realized I wasn’t able to save some of my pictures!! Good thing I had those uploaded here, ha!


Moving on, I got sick last week! I had to be run to the doctor at around 7 or 8 in the evening because I felt like I was dying. I had a hard time breathing and the uncontrollable coughing kills me. Well I’m ok now, sort of.


Anyway, I realized I really can’t be with a person who I’m not on the same wavelength with. So impossible. Whoever said opposites attract must have been drinking too much and was on crack and hit his/her head.

The pictures in this post were from last last week’s night out with friends. Had fun, I should have drank more beer and smoked more cigarettes though.

To those interested: bore me to death and you’ll be history. That’s all.