Monthly Archives: March 2007

  1. Not a bum anymore, yey!
  2. I get really really distracted with overgrown hair coming out of people’s nostrils. And it’s even more distracting if you see these kinds of people everyday. Eew.
  3. Anyway, I’m a bit bothered and concerned that sooner or later I’ll screw up in my job. It’s normal but ahh I don’t wanna screw up, I need to be regularized damnit. Shit happens.
  4. I want a lomo and a digicam.
  5. Donnie was talking about wanting to go to Puerto Galera this vacation which is a nice idea buts next to impossible because first of all, I can’t skip work, my friends can’t skip work and my other friends are broke. haha. Maybe next year.
  6. Gawd, I can’t wait for August.