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I had an urge to check our mailbox yesterday and decided to take a peek at it on my way out just to confirm if my “intuition” is right, if there really is something interesting there for me. Nada. All I found were bills and countless promo flyers.

I went back home in the afternoon and there’s still that feeling nudging me to check the mailbox. Good thing the mailbox key was still with me, I checked it, and as I saw the brown envelope, I knew it was mine and my intuition didn’t fail me!
It’s no secret that I love receiving packages (I’m a guessing a lot of people do too!). As I felt the package I already had an inkling on what it is.
it’s one of my purchases from qoo10 (not used to calling it q0010, i still prefer to call it gmarket)!!!

I am now waiting for other stuff to arrive =)


I have been shopping deprived for the last couple of months (thanks to our wedding expenses)! I tried to get my shopping fix by doing online window shopping on blogshops and q0010 (gmarket). I now have a long list on my evernote app of all the things that I want AND NEED to buy.

At last, the shopping gods listened to my plea and was finally semi cured of my withdrawal syndrome.

I’m expecting my q0010 loot anytime soon and yesterday, my sister and I headed to Bugis and Daiso for some serious bargain shopping.

We only stayed in Bugis for two and a half hours. We actually wanted to stay longer but our pockets are burning and before holes started to form, we stopped and just went to have our lunch.

This is what we had for lunch. I know it doesn’t look nice in the photo but this was good! I also badly needed my pizza fix but they ran out of pizza, bummer!

We really wanted to stick to our bargain shopping itinerary for the day and just proceed straight to Daiso but were stopped by BHG sale and Watson’s sale! There’s always a sale in Singapore, it’s insane.

We were famished after all the shopping and bought some bread for merienda. Hello sister!

Presenting our Daiso finds! Some our mine, some are my sister’s some are for our home.

Some stuff for baking. I hope our housemates are ready to eat some experimental baked goodies!

When you’re at Daiso, you tend to purchase too much stuff, sometimes forgetting some items aren’t even worth spending $2 for!

Okay this item deserves a photo all by itself haha! I was excited when I saw this stainless steel soap! How nifty! I always try rubbing my hands into a stainless steel spoon after cooking/using garlic to get rid of the smell but I still end up with nasty smelly garlicky hands. I tried it right after cooking dinner last  night and it kinda, worked. I had to use it twice before the smell completely vanished. Good buy!

Some vanity stuff! The eyebrow pencil is actually good! I couldn’t say the same for the blush on, I have yet to try it. Wish me luck!

And some items for our kitchen! I know, the sponge ain’t worth it! Oh well, maybe these are good quality sponges thus they’re worth $2. Yes I will try to console myself with that idea 🙂

Placemats for our kitchen.

And my Bugis/BHG/Watsons haul (s0me of the other clothes are buried underneath)!!

Happy me! Thanks to my shopping partner!! Now, where is that Mc Donald’s delivery guy, I’m starving! =)

So while our friends and family are busy “liking” and commenting on our wedding photos and videos on facebook, we headed to Hong Kong for a sorta kinda honeymoon!

Aside form planning our wedding, I also got our honeymoon all covered. I booked our tickets to Hong Kong and Coron waaaaaay before the wedding.  I even bought our disneyland tickets online! I actually didn’t really want to go to Hong Kong. Being in Singapore for three years, I think of Hong Kong as a bigger and better version of Singapore. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to miss out the opportunity to book super cheap tickets (thank you sale fare!) to Hongkong. They say Hong Kong is a shopping haven but I think it’s mostly branded stuff and I can’t afford those so I didn’t have anything to look forward to! We haven’t been to Hong Kong anyway and it would be a shame if we won’t visit it even once so I decided to go for it. Disneyland was a good motivation. I compensated this unexciting Hong Kong trip by booking a Coron, Palawan flight (another sale fare!) which I was more excited and eager to visit.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm in going to Hong Kong, being an OC during trips, I still prepared an itinerary complete with ETAs. Unlike with our previous trips, I didn’t really bother to figure out how to go from one point to another because I know Hong Kong has an efficient transport system just like here in Singapore.

Our stay is for four days and three nights and we stayed at the Silka West Kowloon Hotel. I booked this hotel because its location is within walking distance of three MTR stations (Olympic, Mongkok, Prince Edward) so it would be very convenient for us. Its also near the Ladies’ Market in Mongkok where I planned to shop for pasalubong. Another factor that sealed the deal with Silka is the price. We paid SGD 292.36 for three nights. There were actually cheaper hotels but I didn’t want to scrimp on our accommodation because it’s supposed to be a honeymoon and by right, I should have booked a more luxurious hotel (or maybe not). We really don’t splurge on accommodations, but we don’t want to be too stingy either, we are somewhere in the middle!

I already knew what to expect from the hotel and saw photos of the room at Trip Advisor so it didn’t really surprise me that the room was tiny. The lady at the front desk was hostile and the attitude didn’t change all throughout our stay there but not to the point of her deserving a complaint letter from me. I can be reklamadora sometimes. Like what happened to the front desk staff at Marriott Phuket.

Our humble accommodation for the next three nights.

The toilet was so tiny, I had a difficulty taking a photo.


There was a sink complete with standard toiletries. In fairness there was even a hair dryer.

Day 1 was dedicated to “exploring” the usual touristy spots!

I wasn’t really looking forward in going to Nan Lian Garden because I expected it will just be a more interesting version of Singapore Chinese Garden and of course, I was right. It’s still worth a visit though.

Chi Lin Nunnery is a “must visit” right after Nan Lian Garden because they’re just right next to each other.

There’s the lotus pond.

I know my shot is off balanced! Give me a break, it was so hot! I didn’t even set my camera correctly.

We had lunch at the nearby mall before we went to our next stop, Avenue of the Stars. We took the train from Diamond Hill to Tsim Sha Tsui.

It was actually humid that morning but as we reached Avenue of the Stars, dark clouds started forming. It didn’t help that it was near the ocean and the wind was blowing pretty hard.

The Lady on the right looks like she’s wearing a longer version of my skirt! Plus she’s also wearing a black top! LOL!

It’s not obvious in this photo, but it was drizzling.

The only celebrities we were familiar with were Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

We took the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central Terminal, it’s super cheap and there are nifty machines at the terminal where you can purchase the tokens.  Apparently this is also one of the “MUST DOs” while in Hong Kong.

An American guy took this photo of us and we had a small chat all throughout the journey to Central Terminal (as if it’s THAT long, the ride lasted for about 15 minutes).

We then took a bus to The Peak Tram terminal. The Peak Tram was a fun ride and I could feel my ears pop as we ascend to the mountain. It was quite steep!

Check out the fog/clouds at the peak.

Madame Tussauds is one of those tourist attractions that I’ve been very keen to experience and I didn’t want to miss out the chance to waste our time and do silly poses with wax figures. There were quite a lot of Chinese celebrities who we aren’t familiar with. Sorry for the blurry photos. I swear when we were taking them they looked OK in my camera but when I downloaded them to my lappy, I was so pissed, they were so blurry!

It’s such an honor…

This frame is so cool! lol

Obama was a hit, we had to wait for several groups to finish before we finally had our turn.

Please tell me, what do I need to do to not suck in math?

One of my favorite shots. Parang close sila!

Why so serious Johnny?

And an pic shot.

We didn’t go to Victoria Peak because it was useless to do so with all the fog and clouds there.

We had a quick and cheap dinner at Mc Donald’s. Honestly, we didn’t really want to explore the local cuisine and even if we wanted to, we didn’t have enough time. Most of the food that we saw were almost the same here in Singapore. Probably next time.

We again took the star ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui and to cap off the night, we watched the Symphony of Lights. And yes, we were able to follow our itinerary for the day and all my ETAs were almost accurate!

We planned to go to the Ladies’ Market before heading back to the hotel but we were just so darn tired. We postponed it and decided to go the next day after the trip to Disneyland.