Selling Samantha’s Grill

My one week training is over, this means I could wake up whenever I want again. And the daily brisk walking just to get to the training center is also over.

But really, training was fun and somehow I miss it. I met new people, some annoying, but most are adorable and nice. It makes me think, once I’m working already, I’ll get to interact with a much more diverse bunch of people – which is actually fun. Back in high school I thought I was anti social and so I had the tendency to shoo away people. I didn’t like talking to strangers because I felt like I don’t need to talk with a bunch of losers. I thought anti social was cool, much like how you would think Daria is cool. Ooh speaking of Daria, I had fun watching episodes of daria on you tube. Don’t you just like Daria? Anyway, so there, I wanted to be anti social but now I’m the total opposite of what I used to be. I found the fun in meeting new people and talking to them as if you’ve known them for ages.

On the last day of our training I was supposed to do an oration, but since my memory sucks and I didn’t even dare try to see how corrupted it has become over the past few years, I had to settle with doing a demonstration instead. I did a Neil Buchanan stint ala Art Attack and made bug eyed bugs.

In the afternoon we had a mini food feast. The pansit palabok was bitin, haha, gluttony.

Good thing I passed the training, only five of us did so I feel extremely happy.

My target is, before the year ends, I should have a job already. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

P.S. Samantha’s Grill is the product we had to sell during simulation, plus the Amazing Cleaner. Buy now! 90 day money back guarantee! 🙂


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