Random Ulit

I made four more bug eyed bugs which I gave to my trainors and to frengot haha! Look how crafty I can get sometimes! 🙂 Then I guess staying at home can really make you domesticated. Just the other day I cleaned the living room – after a long time – out of boredome.

 my craft materials

my bug eyed bugs 🙂

I forgot to unplug the glue gun – it dripped hehe

–Anyway, lately i’ve been eating an awful lot, and that is good! I saw Dian a while ago and she said I got skinny, yiiih!

–Porky gave me Starbucks coupons, consumable today and on haloween! Hay I want some starbucks tuloy..

–I just downloaded spongecola’s second album! Free mp3s are the best!

–I’m starting to not like toko tokyo’s red iced tea. I used to like it a lot, now it kinda makes me dizzy.

–My mom gave me this bracelet, and it’s supposed to be a feng shui bracelet for love. TSK TSK…

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