She TV

One of the bad things that is happening to me lately is that I do not get to watch TV anymore. Yup, notice the word – BAD. Not that I got sick of all the shows on TV – cable or no cable I’d still watch. It’s because a few months back the TV in our living room got busted so eventually people who often watch inthe living room – namely my lola and my siblings – would have to resort to watching TV in our room. That meant no more TV for me because I can’t stand the shows that they’re watching. I’d rather surf the net or hang out in the living room all by myself than watch those shows. So, I’m currently semi-unattached to pop culture. I’m not that familiar with all the stuff happening around, unlike before. I still get to surf the net though and update myself once in a while but watching it on TV is different. I’m missing Oprah, the desperate housewives, The OC, the latest music videos, the juiciest holywood gossip and more.

Another thing that is preventing me from watching TV is my crappy phone. Remembering all the schedule of movies and shows that I have to watch is rocket science for me since my memory can be non existent most of the time, so I have to have an organizer for my TV schedule. Since my current phone lacks such feature, unlike before, I don’t get to organize the TV shows and movies that I have to watch which sucks big time. So damnit I need a new phone.

I still have like four books that I haven’t read and I specially bought those because I anticipated I’d be spending more time at home after I graduate which means mental torture from boredom. So far, I haven’t read a single book yet since I still have a so called social life wherein I get to go out of the house. But once I ran out of cash and I’ve got nowhere to go, these books will come in handy. I’m actually on the verge of getting really broke already because graduation means saying goodbye to the word allowance. I bid the word allowance goodbye, soon I’d like to meet the words salary and commission.

Yesterday I was bored to death so you can just imagine how I managed to put up with playing deal or no deal online. It was just yesterday when I finally understood how to play it.

Don’t you just find it embarassing when parents and grandparents brag about you? Sheesh. I want the earth to suck the entire life out of me whenever my parents do that.

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  1. >don’t worry… i’ll watch enough tv for the both of us :)discovery channel, ok?

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