Refusing to be a bum

I merely had 3 hours of sleep today and I spent the entire day waiting in vain. Shit. Applying for a job is gruesome. Anyway, I won’t divulge more details for fear of being jinxed haha. All I can say is it felt like we’re in American Idol or something.

I had my first meal of the day at around 8pm already. The entire day I didn’t eat a single meal, not even drank water except for a couple of candies and gum.

And look, it’s already past 10 in the evening and I’m still online instead of sleeping. I still have to go to school tommorrow at friggin’ 8 in the morning!

I have a final interview tommorow so I guess I’ll have my first job rejection tommorow haha. shit it sucks to be rejected. I’ll update you guys.


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