Pinoy nga naman

I think you are all familiar with Pinoy Big Brother and each of you have your own opinions about the show. The “Big Night” was held last night here in Angeles at Clark Expo. My friends were bugging me to go with them but aside from laziness, I didn’t go with them because I really didn’t like watching those kind of live shows packed with a lot of people. And besides what will I do there? Watch Sarah Geronimo sing? See toni? Or Willie? The “housemates”? I have far more better things to do than waste my precious time watching those people. I admit though that I switched the channel from time to time to channel 2 just to see what the commotion is all about. I also admit that I do watch PBB occassionaly out of curiosity.

I didn’t have a bet for last night because honestly, I didn’t like anyone at all. I think the show is so cheesy I sometimes can’t stand watching it especialy when some of them cries or try to save each other’s ass. They could try to act better to move me.

In the end Nene won. So what? haha.

And apparently the Pinoy Ako theme song for the show sang by orange and lemons is not so unique after all. I’ve found a link (I’m sorry I forgot the site where I got the link) to a song which orange and lemons RIPPED to the now popular Pinoy Ako song. The original song is The Care Chandeliers and it sounds almost exactly the same as the orange and lemons song. It is so ironic because the song talks about being a proud Filipino with inidividuality and unique talents. So disappointing.

You can check out the original song here. I swear it sounds really really like Pinoy Ako.

  1. kc said:

    >ah yes, someone in the same wavelength as myself. good thing you stayed home, would have been a waste of time. hehe. true, the PBB theme song was ripped – the music group played on the gullible ‘Juan dela Cruz’… wonder if any of their other songs are originals… makes you think twice… šŸ˜‰

  2. cherry said:

    >what the hell is big brother?

  3. kc said:

    >BIG BROTHER… in the US aired on CBS, it’s a tv reality show, which a local network here in the philippines ripped off from CBS and added Pinoy (just to make it sound different).

  4. she said:

    >kc: yes good thing i stayed at home and my friends who watched the big night wished they just stayed at home too! there were so many people, they wanted to back out but it was too late because they were already in the middle of the huge crowd. cherry: kc explained it already hehe. 12 persons stay in one house for 100 days (i think) and “big brother” tells them what to do inside (it’s big bro’s house but they only hear his voice). actually there are a lot of other big brother in other cpountries; us, italy, brazil, uk, etc. try googling it hehe

  5. Abaniko said:

    >pbb and pinoy ako are both senseless to me.

  6. she said:

    >kc: same here lol

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