Some people here are babies

As I browsed through The Straits Times today, I saw this section wherein Singaporeans get to voice out their opinions on current events and what nots. I can’t help but think that they are like whiney babies ranting on shallow stuff. One lady was complaining that her child came home one day from school exhausted and all (something to that extent) because her child did not know how to type, and then retorts to saying what does SG’s government (Ministry of Education) doing about their education system?! Well let me tell her about a shitty education system that is of the Philippines wherein 60 students or more are cramped in one small room with no proper ventilation with 3 (or more!) students sharing on one dilapidated book which is so outdated it was probably published in the 80’s. An education system wherein teachers are forced to FORCE their students to buy their snacks for “recess” from them just to compensate for the low salaries given by the government, no wonder the College of Education in most universities is the least populated, nobody wants to be a teacher anymore. When the time comes that Singapore faces that kind of education system, then by all means she has the right to whine.

Another one complained that admission tickets for popular tourist destinations in the country are being offered on sale to locals just because the number of foreign tourists dropped. He even added that in other countries, admission tickets are sold on a lower price to locals as compared to foreigners. Yes I get the point, it would be nicer for the government to give priority to locals for the admission tickets to popular tourists destinations, museums, etc. to raise nationalism. But to blurt this all out in The Straits Times? I mean, the most popular newspaper in Singapore gives you a chance to voice out your opinion on ANYTHING that concerns you the most and you complain on not being given a discount in entering sentosa or jurong bird park? Not the most wisest thing to complain.

What more will these people think if they are to live in the Philippines? I think they won’t be able to function well and just complain on just about ANYTHING that seems minor (and normal) issues to us. They are so used to everything to be almost perfect that they fret at simple shortcomings of their government. Being a little bit appreciative won’t hurt.


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