Go team Philippines!

So I’ve been watching a lot of Sea Games this past few days specifically the diving, taekwondo, and wushu events. I haven’t personally watched the events being held here in Angeles though namely lawn ball and petanque (I have no idea what petanque is) because I think it’ll be boring. Anyway, as I watched the diving event for men, I happen to have a liking on Thailand’s Suchart Pchi not just because he was really good but because I like saying his name over and over again. Just like saying fucktard. Oops.
Another event I love love love watching is wushu. I hate watching kung fu movies but I love watching wushu competitions. It’s so rad I want to learn how to do those moves haha. And of course I wouldn’t miss some taekwondo action because fyi, I am, ehem, a teaekwondo yellow belter! Beat that! Ok, being a yellow belter is not something I could really brag about, I know. If only I didn’t get lazy attending trainings I could be a brown or even a black belter now.

And Thailand protesting on being cheated has no basis at all. Shame on them.

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  1. france said:

    >Sea gams @ phil? whoa! thats exciting.. i love watching sports competition, its addicting.. Wushu? my friend is addicted in that sport too, actually he’s taking lesson during the night, but i have no idea whether he’s making a progress.. anyway have a good early holidays.. btw thx 4 droppin by again.. green layout rocks!! hehe.. take care girl..

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