Bianca Gonzales is inside Big brother’s house and somebody has to take her place as host of y speak. Ryan Agoncillo is also a host of y speak but never did it crossed my mind that JUDAY (yes the siopao juday) will be the one taking over Bianca’s hosting job! ACK!!! Unlike Ryan, she didn’t ask intelligent questions and give insightful comments. All she did was make pa-cute and hold her boyfriend’s hand and flirt. Jusko ha.

There was even a time that her hands were so near his crotch. Eeew. Whatever happened to Ryan Agoncillo is still a mystery.

Cherry did you see the pics? grabe haha

  1. >Maybe she needs a little more time to adjust to the seemingly new kind of showbiz, that is hosting.

  2. Cherry said:

    >argh. that bitch stole ryan from me! she can’t host, maybe she should just cry and act ‘naaapi’ in front of the camera. she looks better when she’s kawawa. shit, i’m so sama. this rage stems out of ryan’s sudden departure from the conyo world. plus, i loves him. uhuhuhuh. i look better ryan! i look better!

  3. she said:

    >major tom: hmm, i don’t know. actually, i don’t think so. hosting is for intlligent, intellectual people and i can’t picture juday to be near intellectual and sensiblecherry: yes honey you definitely look much much better! i hated her since the beginning of time pa haha

  4. >ryan and juday? are they together now? OMG, i always knew ryan would venture into showbiz…

  5. she said:

    >kiss my mike: uhu they’re together!! you know ryan personally?

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