A dose of bargain shopping

I have been shopping deprived for the last couple of months (thanks to our wedding expenses)! I tried to get my shopping fix by doing online window shopping on blogshops and q0010 (gmarket). I now have a long list on my evernote app of all the things that I want AND NEED to buy.

At last, the shopping gods listened to my plea and was finally semi cured of my withdrawal syndrome.

I’m expecting my q0010 loot anytime soon and yesterday, my sister and I headed to Bugis and Daiso for some serious bargain shopping.

We only stayed in Bugis for two and a half hours. We actually wanted to stay longer but our pockets are burning and before holes started to form, we stopped and just went to have our lunch.

This is what we had for lunch. I know it doesn’t look nice in the photo but this was good! I also badly needed my pizza fix but they ran out of pizza, bummer!

We really wanted to stick to our bargain shopping itinerary for the day and just proceed straight to Daiso but were stopped by BHG sale and Watson’s sale! There’s always a sale in Singapore, it’s insane.

We were famished after all the shopping and bought some bread for merienda. Hello sister!

Presenting our Daiso finds! Some our mine, some are my sister’s some are for our home.

Some stuff for baking. I hope our housemates are ready to eat some experimental baked goodies!

When you’re at Daiso, you tend to purchase too much stuff, sometimes forgetting some items aren’t even worth spending $2 for!

Okay this item deserves a photo all by itself haha! I was excited when I saw this stainless steel soap! How nifty! I always try rubbing my hands into a stainless steel spoon after cooking/using garlic to get rid of the smell but I still end up with nasty smelly garlicky hands. I tried it right after cooking dinner last  night and it kinda, worked. I had to use it twice before the smell completely vanished. Good buy!

Some vanity stuff! The eyebrow pencil is actually good! I couldn’t say the same for the blush on, I have yet to try it. Wish me luck!

And some items for our kitchen! I know, the sponge ain’t worth it! Oh well, maybe these are good quality sponges thus they’re worth $2. Yes I will try to console myself with that idea 🙂

Placemats for our kitchen.

And my Bugis/BHG/Watsons haul (s0me of the other clothes are buried underneath)!!

Happy me! Thanks to my shopping partner!! Now, where is that Mc Donald’s delivery guy, I’m starving! =)

  1. Wow! The pasta looks scrumptious! ❤ I love anything with cheese!

  2. The pasta looks sooo good! I’m with Kristine, anything with cheesy goodness is LOVE. Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way and commenting on my post. Hope you’ll be back again.

    I love bargain shopping. Thrift shops are my bestfriends. ♥

    xx Renee
    Operation: Fix Life

  3. thanks for droppin by kristine! now following you on bloglovin =)

  4. Pati Mo said:

    You should try those discounted website such as rue la la or gilt, i feel like they have pretty good deals! That pasta looks so cheesy and delicious by the way

    • thanks for the suggestions pati 🙂

  5. That’s plenty of goodies you have there.. I know I found a daiso somewhere in Robinson’s Malate.. and I actually saw that soap you’re having.. pretty fancy item.. hahaha..

    • i thought they call it “saizen” in the philippines. kakaaliw yun soap hehe

  6. Katia said:

    Hi She! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Humbled that you’ve been reading it for quite sometime. Link you up on my blog ha. 🙂

    • and i thought it didn’t look good in the photo, it was really good! i actually want one right now haha

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