I’ve got mail!

I had an urge to check our mailbox yesterday and decided to take a peek at it on my way out just to confirm if my “intuition” is right, if there really is something interesting there for me. Nada. All I found were bills and countless promo flyers.

I went back home in the afternoon and there’s still that feeling nudging me to check the mailbox. Good thing the mailbox key was still with me, I checked it, and as I saw the brown envelope, I knew it was mine and my intuition didn’t fail me!
It’s no secret that I love receiving packages (I’m a guessing a lot of people do too!). As I felt the package I already had an inkling on what it is.
it’s one of my purchases from qoo10 (not used to calling it q0010, i still prefer to call it gmarket)!!!

I am now waiting for other stuff to arrive =)

  1. Katia said:

    I think receiving parcels is always an excitement, in the era of emails, text messages and skype 🙂

    I just noticed that I’m already on your blogroll! How cool is that! 🙂 Will add you soon. wla pa lang time mag edit. hehe

    • you’ve been in my blogroll way before pa haha!

  2. Katia said:

    So i forgot to add my original comment: I haven’t heard of that brand, where’d that originate from?

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