What’s inside my bag?

For lack of better things to post, I am doing a what’s in your bag entry since I cleaned my closet this weekend and tried to free my bag from unnecessary clutter.

what's in there??

But first a little story about the bag. This is the bag that I use for work every day. I change bags on weekends when I go out but this is the bag that I use for work. I found this bag one fine day inside my closet. My husband bought it for me and he surprises me on regular days just like that. 🙂 I forgot the brand though! Let’s take a peek into the mess inside shall we?

pardon the bad photo!!

1. MAC NC40 face powder – my daily essential! I only use it in the morning though before I leave the house. Once I’m in the office, I can’t be bothered to touch up my make-up because a) I don’t really get that oily and b) it’s a waste of make-up to pretify for the office (at least in our office hehe)

2. Ever bilena lip tint – cheap and it works! I don’t want to use lipstick on a daily basis so I wear lip tint. My mom actually sent me four bottles of these and when my colleague saw me use this, she asked where I bought it. The following day I gave her one bottle so now I’m left with three more. I think one bottle will be good for a year’s use so yeah I hope the expiry is until 2014!!

3. Daiso blush-on – yet another cheapo make-up for my everyday use! I got this for $2 from Daiso and it’s pigmented and doesn’t break me out!

4. Revlon concealer – I don’t really use this as often, just when I have pimple marks. I’ve had this for quite some time now and I’m actually on the look out for a good replacement.

5. House keys & office tap key – I like my kenneth cole key chain which I got for free when I signed up for my credit card couple of years ago.

6. Credit card safety device – I just have to keep this in my bag or else I will lose it! My first one just stopped functioning one day and if I remember correctly, I had to pay Php500 for a replacement!!

7. Cotton-on umbrella – my cheapo umbrella! I recently lost my ever reliable umbrella that I bought from SM last year so I had to use this one. I seriously need to buy a  new one! I’ve been eyeing those umbrellas from Esprit.

8. M1 hand phone bill – I have to keep this in my bag until payday or else I will forget to pay my bill despite the SMS reminder haha!

9. Coin purse – My colleage gave this to me after she came back from Thailand. I use it whenever I go out for lunch at the kopitiam so I don’t need to bring my bulky wallet with me.

10. Victoria’s secret cologne – ha! I thought of just using this to spray on our bedroom pillows but I thought my husband wouldn’t like it. This was stored in my closet for the longest time until one day I ran out of perfume and was lazy to buy a new so I had to resort to using this. I decided I’ll finish the bottle since I only use it for the office anyway!

11. Passport – I bought the passport holder in one of those novelty stores in Tampines Mall and the design encourages me to travel more! I actually wanted a more chic passport holder but it was darn expensive so for the meantime, this will do! I need to get more chops!!

12. Roxy eyeglass – My eyeglass is Roxy but the case is crocs! Yes the retro feel kikay case is from crocs and used to belong to our guy friend slash housemate. He recently bought a new pair of Crocs specs and when it was time to pick-up his new specs, the sales lady handed him this case. He sure didn’t know if he’s wanted to laugh or cry haha! My case was a plain white dull looking case which I thought he would prefer so I offered to do a swap.

13. Wallet – Yet another gift from my husband. There were actually two wallets, one is still sitting in my closet unused and it’s been almost a year.

14. Vaseline – This is an essential for my chapped lips hehe. I have yet to find a lip balm that I like and works but not until I finish this bottle.

15. Keychain – One of my bosses gave this to me after their trip to Penang, Malaysia. I haven’t had the chance to remove it from my bag eversince!

16. Tissue – My cheap tissue from Fair Price. One of my essentials!

17. Card holder – I got this from Daiso! I used to dislike red but now I’m starting to really like it! Even my Iphone case is red! This is where I keep my EZ Link card, membership cards (cinema, ktv, etc) and sometimes my credit card and ATM.

18. Comb – I only use this in the morning before I leave for work. Just like touching up, I can’t be bothered to comb my hair once I’m in the office. Even on weekends, I only use it once a day. I sometimes use my fingers to com my hair in the day hehe.

My Iphone was not in this photo because it wasn’t in my bag but it’s usually there.


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