That little red thing!

I was busy surfing the net this afternoon until I heard heavy banging on our door! I immediately knew that it’s the postman because I was expecting a package today. I’ts no secret that love receiving packages and snail mails šŸ™‚

My kindle cover has finally arrived!! Yay!

I had a hard time looking for kindle covers locally since the kindle is not sold locally (except for a few online stores that ships kindle here) but good thing my googling skills are far from mediocre so I was able to find a local online seller that sells affordable (about $12) kindle cover! I wanted the red color but they didn’t have stock so I had to wait for a couple of days before it was sent to me. I considered getting the pink cover since they had it on hand but decided baby pink is really not my style! I’m more of a hot pink kind of girl, really!!

I love my kindle as well as my new cover! I can now bring my kindle to work! I also figured out how to be able to download kindle books from outside the US. I’m now subscribed to Amazon Prime 1 month trial so I was able to borrow books for free. Yay!

I kinda miss the smell and feel of real books but what the heck – this is a cheaper (and greener!) alternative to reading books. Now I just need a night light! šŸ™‚


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