Quick Rainy Get-away in Coron, Palawan

It has been raining non stop before our Coron trip and the last thing we wanted was rain on our parade (literally!). There were no direct flights from Clark to Busuanga so we took a bus to Manila (NAIA) which was hassle free by the way. The moment we landed in Coron, it was indeed raining and my heart sank a little.

I booked our hotel prior to our trip including the van that picked us up from the airport. The hotel is right smack in the heart of the town so it was very convenient for us to buy stuff and walk around town plus it was cheap. Another big plus for me that made me book Islands View Inn was because it was just a few blocks away from Coron Galeri tours; which I booked for our island hopping tour in the next couple of days.

It was raining nonstop when we arrived at the hotel so we decided to buy some snacks, eat in our room, sleep and pray to wake up to a better weather. It was still drizzling when we woke up from our nap. We then headed to Maquinit Hot Springs which was perfect for the cold weather! It was our first time in a hot spring and the water can be a bit overwhelming on the first dip! Oh, we also dropped by at the famous Coron Harvest to buy some cashews to bring back home. We capped off the night with a dinner at Kawayanan Grill.

Our second day looked more promising! The sun was shining brightly! There were six of us on the boat during the island hopping and the tour also included lunch meal (which I forgot to take photos of). Snorkling in Kayangan Lake was really fun! I was wondering why the hell are there no corals or fishes until I realized that it’s a lake, dimwit!! My fear of heights combined with my non existing swimming skills made snorkling in Kayangan Lake fascinating. The water was so deep, I felt like I was looking down a  cliff, if I weren’t in the water my knees would’ve trembled! I also can’t imagine myself swimming in there without a life vest!

I don’t have decent photos of other places that we visited (Twin Peaks Reef, Hidden Lagoon, CYC Beach, Coral Garden) because it started to drizzle before lunch time and we didn’t have  waterproof camera. An underwater camera now made its way on our “to buy list” along with our own snorkling gears. We had lunch at Bulungan Beach at waited for the skies to clear up. Fortunately, the rain ceased and we continued our snokling adventure despite the bad weather!

The boat trip on the way back to town was horrendous! We had to endure the rain, the cold and the splashing of the waves but it was still a fun experience. I was actually a bit worried that my huband would catch a cold or fever after that boat ride but fortunately he didn’t 🙂 We then had dinner at the famous Bistro Coron. I liked their pizza and my husband liked their carbonara (way too creamy for me).

It was again raining nonstop the night before our Malcapuya Island tour and apparently there was a “low pressure area”  (not sure if I used that word correctly). The tourists right next to our hotel room were also scheduled to go to Malcapuya Island but they decided to go to the hot springs instead because of the bad weather. We on the other hand are stubborn and still decided to go on with the tour despite the bad weather and the one and a half hour boat ride going to the island! I thought it would be just my husband and I who will be on the tour because the weather can get really discouraging but we were wrong. There were four other fools like us who were ready to brave the “low presure area” just for a taste of white sands, clear waters and blue dark skies.

We were so glad that we pushed thru with the tour! The rain stopped when we reached the island and it was magnificent! It was empty! It was quiet! I’m sure it’s crowded during summer time but on that day we owned the island! There were just the six of us stubborn tourists plus a few local sellers (around 6 more people)! We took the opportunity to take photos while the weather was still cooperative and right before our sumptuous lunch of crabs and chicken, it started to rain again! We took refuge in a nipa hut, which on peak days is being rented for P1000.

It was the beach bumming day that I looked forward to, minus the bad weather. We slept like babies inside the nipa hut, it would’ve been better to sleep in the hammocks but but we made the most out of the situation. The rain again stopped and we walked by the sea shore and explored the island. The boat ride back to Coron Town wasn’t as bad as the previous day. We had dinner at Lolo Nonoy’s and if you’ll be in Coron, don’t even bother to go there as it’s not worth it.

The rain was the heaviest on our last day and fortunately our flight back to Manila wasn’t delayed. I am now dreaming of going back to Coron as I write this post. We will definitely be back one of these days and I should take note to book the tickets during the summer!


  1. Vida said:

    Which reminds me, I should definitely go back to Coron.

  2. Mark said:

    can i invite you to try the new rides in USS and a nice meal and make a review out of the experience? The client will also offer sponsored post projects? please email me at jmark.rapisura@gmail.com.

  3. Joyce said:

    Hi. I wanna ask wat date kayo ngpunta sa coron? Thanks. 🙂

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