A day in Macau

Since we were already in Hong Kong, we didn’t want to miss the chance to go to Macau, just for the heck of it, so we took a ferry boat going to Macau early in the morning on the third day. I didn’t have any itinerary planned for Macau so we thought we’d just go with the flow but upon arriving there, we were greeted by a tour guide. She gave us a free map which we badly needed. She then proceeded to explain] their tour, blah blah blah. After her intro, I asked how much and apparently it costs HKD1,000 per pax. Uhm, no thank you! We have better plans for our money.

We went outside and were again greeted by some tour guide, this time they were fellow Filipinos and according to them they will tour us around Macau for one day for only HKD100 per pax. I was kinda skeptical at first but it was so cheap and honestly I didn’t really want to bother figuring out where to go and getting lost in the way specially we only had one day to spare. So we went with them and turns out another couple will be touring with us and they were from Pampanga too. Small world! We also found out that our tour guides are domestic helpers and drivers and this is their part time job/sideline during their day off.

 We really enjoyed taking photos at Fisherman’s Warf. It didn’t feel like we were in Asia! This is one of the reasons why I prefer to walk around Macau rather than in Hong Kong.

Senado square is also one of the places in Macau that I liked! 
Nothing much to see here aside from the ruins, but it’s still worth a visit! There was a wifi zone inside haha. 
Excuse my face.

It was fascinating that we didn’t hail a single cab or ride a public bus all throughout the tour. We were freeloaders! We toured Macau by hitching on shuttle buses to different casinos!

I couldn’t agree more on the first signage! =)

Excuse my face again! Despite of my fear of heights, I once dreamed of trying bunjee jumping, but after our Macau Tower visit, I had a reality check on how terrifying it would be, so no thanks! My knees were literally shaking just standing on the clear glass floors!

Of course we wouldn’t miss the casinos! We now have membership cards to Oceania and Venetian casino. Til next time Macau, but not so soon!

  1. reyabel said:

    Hey there!
    I recently went to Macau with my family and I remember we did the exact same thing but I unfortunately forgot the tourguides name. From the photos she took us to us to the same places. Is it alright if you email me her name?
    Thank you

    • oopss! I’m sorry but I already lost his contact number!

      • reyabel said:

        it’s ok!

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