Hong Kong Disney

Okay continuation of our “sorta kinda” honeymoon! Day 2 was Disneyland day! We woke up early because wanted to be there when the park opens. I told my husband we shouldn’t take too much photos so we could enjoy, shoot and go!

By the time we entered the gates of Disneyland, I realized my dslr’s running on low battery and I know it’s the worst kind of mistake one could ever make during trips. I didn’t even think I was susceptible to it, considering how OC I am during trips! I actually thought that my battery is full charged and I even asked my husband to leave the charger back home because we won’t be needing it anyway but I was wrong!! Good thing we were bringing my digicam as back up! My huband was dragged by one of the toy soldiers and he willingly went with him thinking that he’ll be first in line for a photo op but no, turns out he’ll undergo “training” with the soldiers! haha!
Disneyland was quite small (but SG Universal Studios is smaller) and there weren’t enough thrilling rides for adults. Most of the rides were for small kids. Nevertheless, we still had fun!

Again, the Ladies’ Market shopping was postponed to the next day because our feet were killing us.


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