We have tv! In our room! Gasp!

I’ve almost recovered from obsessing over our numerous cable channels and my rekindled love affair with mtv, discovery channel and the lifestyle network but that did not stop me from buying that coveted TV for our bedroom!

I found a second hand tv selling for $80 and we particularly chose this seller because he’s staying near our house. I didn’t see the photo but I knew it was a 29″ Sony Wega flat TV. When I saw the tv in person, it was humongous!!! The first thought that occured to me was  – this wouldn’t fit on top of our TV stand, and even if it did, it’s too darn heavy for it! It’s a flat screen alright but the back, THE BACK, it’s jurassic! Hello 90s TV!

On the other hand, the current tv in our living room is a 21″ flat screen (really flat, 20th century TV!) which looked a little too small for the TV stand and the entire living room itself so the only sensible solution is to switch the TVs haha!

there's our $80 TV!

The cable guys are coming today to install another set top box so I’ll be able to watch (and surf on my lappy) this afternoon!

the "real" flat screen tv!!

it fits our tv stand perfectly!

Thanks to our housemate for allowing the “switch”! Now, where are those cable tv guys? They should be here by now!


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