New year, new flat!

So it’s already a known fact that my entire family came with us here in Singapore after our 2 week vacation in the Philippines. Right after they went home, I had to deal with the task of searching for a new flat since our contract in our current flat is about to expire and we wanted to look for a nicer flat even though it meant we had to pay more (ouch!). I only had a week to search for a reasonably priced flat and the fact that Chinese New Year is approaching didn’t make house hunting any easier. Just like 2 years ago, I was again calling and sending countless sms to agents, searching for nice HDB flats, checking street directory and the most troublesome of all, house viewing!

It would’ve been easier if agents would just post the photos of the house so we can decide whether we personally want to view it or not, but no, most agent don’t do that. Right after work, we would go to different locations for house viewing. We were lucky to find a nice flat and the price is not so bad.

I am now recuperating (yes recuperating is the word, it’s that intense!) from post traumatic stress disorder the chaos of wedding preparations, Philippines visit, family vacation, house moving and headaches caused by our house agent! I will not rant on how the house is not clean when we moved in, the air conditioning units were not serviced, the washing machine is not working and the bidets are leaking. Instead, I will just focus on our neat and spacious flat, the cool breeze from the 10th floor, how much closet space I have, our nice toilet in the masters bedroom and our clean kitchen. 🙂

our living room and tiny tv!

Dining area

shoe rack and storage room

the storage room is concealed behind this cupboard

more shoe space! (and there's another shoe cabinet outside)

We have an unused space beside the living room which the guys later on turned into a make shift gym (as if!!) and a place to dry our clothes hehe!

gym (kuno) and sampayan

this leads to the kitchen

where we prepare our home cooked meals yay!

common toilet

master's bedroom (i had to fight the urge to put "where the magic happens" ala MTV my cribs lol)

there's a vanity mirror! with lights!!

built in tv cabinet (there'll be a tv soon!)

closet space!!! i finally have space for my bags!

more closet space 🙂

the husband's closet space hehe

ok i gave my husband additional closet space just to be fair haha

toilet is concealed behind the cabinet doors lol


tiny bathroom

yay we have space for our toiletries!

my sister and brother in law's bedroom

our friends' room

Our Singtel Mio TV contract has expired and we switched to Starhub! We have so many channels, I was overwhelmed so I ask my husband if we could buy a tv and he said yes. He didn’t really have a choice, really.

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  1. G said:

    wow, you’ve got such a lovely home here in SG. it’s definitely one of the best ones i’ve seen so far.

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