Cheers to 2012!!

Is it too late to write down new year’s resolutions? I guess not, Chinese new year  just ended a few days ago. And even if it is, so what, this is my blog, I can write new year’s resolutions even if it’s not new year 🙂 So to reiterate my fondness for making lists, here it goes:

1. Blog more often – I have slacked off with my blogging during the past years and I want to actively blog again and gain back readers (not that I had many readers before, but I had a fair share of readers ok). I realized my head is about to explode with thoughts, ideas and whatnots and figured I really need to get stuff out of my head and now I’m back to good old blogging. I just really need to brush up on my html/CSS/photoshop to make a decent layout.

2. Invest – right after our church wedding we are planning to buy this little parcel of land in a really nice subdivision. No details yet as we’re not even sure if we could afford if but I’m pretty positive it’ll happen. It’s now or never haha! I could already imagine myself obsessing over design books and magazines when that time comes that we are about to build our dream home! Just the thought of it really excites me even though it’s a long way to go!

3. Read – yup my Christmas wish came true, my technologically challenged, non-online shopper, easily confused by intimidating websites husband decided to give in to my “parining” christmas gift wish and bravely ordered a kindle on amazon! Way to go hon! His first ever online purchase was a milestone, an achievement haha! I’ve created an account on and desperately tried to recall all the books that I’ve read (to no avail, thanks to my unreliable memory) so I can add it to my list. I want to document all the books that I read and I want to start reading books again! Kindle just made it more convenient for me (and cheaper). My target this year is to read 50 books and at the phase I am going, I can do it!

4. Be passionate (at least about something) – passion is one of the key factors that drive success (at least for me!) and this is the thing that I lack (no wonder I am not successful). I have so many interests and things that I want to do, but the thing is, there’s not enough passion for me to focus on single thing. I want to bake and decorate cakes, to design graphics and websites, to interior decorate, to write, to create witty and amazing ads, to take decent photos, and so much more. I’m all over the place and I just need focus. I can’t learn all those things at a time. I have to figure it out.

5. Keep a journal – I want to start keeping a journal again, to write down my thoughts, ideas and to do lists! I’m eyeing the nice journals at kikki K.

6. Diss the junk – and exercise! I really need to start doing this!!


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