My psycho defect

I always say “it’s a psychological error” whenever somebody finds out that I don’t eat carrots. I don’t eat lettuce and coleslaw but I eat them when they’re in my burgers. I don’t eat carrot but I drink carrot juice and eat carrot cake. Actually, the number of vegetables that I actually eat can be counted using one hand! I have a hate-hate relationship with veggies.

I was browsing the internet the other day and I came across an article on “picky eaters”, it got me reading since I am a picky eater! I’ve drastically improved over the years but it was really horrible when I was younger. As I read the article, turns out my joke about my picky eating behavior is indeed psychological after all! And it also turns out that there’s this thing called “selective eating disorder” which I may have suffered at one point in my life!

I didn’t eat “bistek” when I was younger until I was about to graduate college and now I realized the root cause! There was this one time that my mom cooked bistek and my dad scared me by saying it’s “carabao” and not beef so I never ate bistek again, ever! I asked my mom about the carabao thing and she said she never cooks carabao! Thanks dad for ruining bistek for me lol!

When the time comes that we’ll have kids, I’ve decided that it will be my husband’s duty to make sure our kids are not picky eaters and that they will eat veggies (my husband doesn’t eat vegetables and he should lead them by example)!

  1. Yes, there’s quite a few of us in all shapes, colors, forms, and preferences.

  2. dulok said:

    love your new layout! hehehe, teka, bat yung cow nakakain mo, yung carabao hinde?

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